FCD fans shouldn't expect David Ferreira back anytime soon

With FC Dallas currently in an offensive lull, some have wondered exactly when reigning MLS MVP David Ferreira might return to the lineup? FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman was asked about “El Torito” after training on Friday and had some interesting things to say.

One thing not in the quotes below is that the Soccer Sinsei said that while initially, it was thought Ferreira’s broken leg suffered on April 11 in Vancouver would take about three months to heal, after the club talked to some individuals in sports medicine who had dealt with similar injuries, they basically said six months was a starting point for someone with that injury to return. We’re almost at that six-month mark but honestly, it doesn’t look good.

If Ferreira is back for the end of the regular season, what can coaches, teammates and fans expect from him. Running without contact, which is what he’s been doing for the last few weeks in training is a far cry from going all out in training and taking knocks. And we all know David has taken more than his share of bumps and bruises over the past year.

Hyndman was asked if he feels any pressure to push Ferreira to return and his answer, given his matter-of-fact demeanor with the leering press was no surprise.

“No, there has been absolutely no pressure, no communication with David in that manner. The communication with David right now is ‘Hey, you’re looking better. How you feeling?’ There’s nothing like when do you think you’ll be ready? I’ve never asked that question. I’m waiting for David to basically let the trainers know or the Michael Johnson people know that I’m think I’m ready to go out and kick the ball now.”

He added: “This running is fine but nobody’s really clipping at your ankles, tackling you or anything else. This is a great, normal progression. If our season is extended, we’re in the playoffs and he’s able to contribute, absolutely. It may not be in a starting role because we don’t want to disrupt the team. It may be coming off the bench or more of an inspirational player. There are so many positive things that can come out of that. Right now, we’re not getting enough out of our No. 10 when we’re playing the system that we’re playing.”

But the gaffer also floated the possibility of Ferreira not returning at all in 2011.

“I don’t know. I think he’s on track,” Hyndman said. “Now it’s like do you really want to risk it for a recurring injury or do you give him November, December, January, February to come back at his best? So, those will be decisions that we’ll make as time goes on.”