Tooth issue hampered Maicon Santos over last few weeks

These last few games have not only been tough for FC Dallas supporters to stomach, but they’ve also been rough for FCD forward Maicon Santos. Against New York a week ago Saturday, Dallas backers remember the South American striker as finishing the night with the most shots on FCD but having nothing to show for his efforts as his club fell 1-0 to the Red Bulls, their first road win of the year.

And it was a similar performance for him in Saturday’s 1-0 loss to Houston. But when asked about Santos on Monday afternoon and specifically, what kind of response he expects from the striker going forward, FCD gaffer Schellas Hyndman had some interesting things to say.

“You know me, I believe actions are louder than words. We’ve really given Maicon a lot of opportunities and I think there were some issues with him in the New York game because he had just had a tooth removed and was under pretty strong medication,” Hyndman said. “And then, he played in the reserve game where he didn’t look very good and I had a word with him. He said, ‘Coach, I’ve been taking this medication and it’s really making me slow, not just physically but thinking.’ We’ve got to do a better job in monitoring the medication.”

The Soccer Sinsei did feel Santos had a much better game against the hated Dynamo.

“I thought he had some great chances again against Houston. As a striker, you think this is your bread and butter. This why you’re playing that No. 9 position and it wasn’t getting done,” Hyndman said. “And I think because it’s not getting done, there’s always that confidence thing mentally that starts to affect you. Then, it’s trying to do a little bit too much so that every time you try to do more, you’re doing less. So, I think the actions are louder than words.”

On Sunday morning, FCD and Houston met in a reserve game. Santos might not have played in that affair, but he did make a pretty strong statement in another big way.

“Yesterday, we did not play him in the reserve game and we could have. But I just thought he needed some time,” Hyndman said. “For 45 minutes, he worked on his first step, his explosion and passing. While a lot of other guys were done with their recovery, he kept on working. I think that was a statement that hey, I’ve got to do better.”

And for the record, Santos is no longer on that medication for his tooth.

He is the second FCD regular to have some dental issues this year. Earlier this season, midfielder Marvin Chavez had a couple of teeth pulled but didn’t really miss much time, only a practice or two.

“Yeah, we had taken out a couple of teeth on Chavez and were able to give him the break time. Unfortunately, because of our schedule and the importance of the games, we haven’t been able to give Maicon the break time,” Hyndman said.

However, as a striker, the gaffer knows there is one stat above all others by which Santos will be judged-goals. He has two tallies and one helper in seven league games, totals his manager definitely wants to see improve.

“But I think he’s got to get on track. He’s got to do the things he’s capable of doing and the things we expect him to do and hope him to do,” Hyndman said.