FC Dallas and Pizza Hut Park win an award for their field

Here's a little award I didn't even know existed, but winning it goes to prove what many have said all along... that Pizza Hut Park has the best surface in MLS. How important this is in the world of field management I don't know, but it's still kinda cool to hear about.

The SportsTurf Managers Association Association has named the Pizza Hut Park stadium field as its 2011 Field of the Year in the professional soccer category.

“Allen Reed and Miles Studhalter did a fantastic job this past year dealing with a record heat wave and record number of events in the stadium,” said Tom Jones, FC Dallas vice president of complex management. “The stadium field performed better than it ever has, and I am very proud of the work they have accomplished this year.”

A panel of six judges independently scored each entry and presented awards based on the playability and appearance of the playing surfaces, innovative solutions employed, effective use of budget, and the development and implementation of a comprehensive, sound agronomic program.

Winners will be presented with their award during the Annual STMA Awards Banquet on Fri., Jan. 13, 2012, at the Hyatt Long Beach in Long Beach, Calif.