Jackson loan to Cruzeiro a win-win

The announcement that versatile Brazilian Jackson Goncalves had been loaned to Cruzeiro FC of his home country is a move that looks like it might be beneficial for both parties involved.

It’s no big secret that for a good part of last season, Jackson’s head and heart just didn’t seem to be in playing here in the States. There were the two episodes where he was red carded, instances that infuriated FCD gaffer Schellas Hyndman so much that he coined the term “emotional intelligence” to describe exactly what kind of poise he expected in his players each and every time they set foot on the pitch.

Of course, there were other players who displayed a lack of “emotional intelligence” throughout the season, but Jackson was the one the term was coined for in the first place. And then there was the situation surrounding his wedding, which just happened to be scheduled for the same weekend as a game with New England.

But the thing that likely irked Hyndman and the other brass on World Cup Way was the fact that their versatile Brazilian hadn’t consulted them first. The FCD officials found out about Jackson’s pending nuptials only a few weeks before the actual date.

As we all remember, he went off to Brazil for his wedding, missing that game and leaving some ill will lingering in the room, not just with his coaches but with his teammates. And to his credit, Jackson did apologize to the entire squad, a display that seemed truly heartfelt, but it looks like the damage had already been done.

Sure, Jackson was a real trooper considering he started in the back, midfield and up top last year, answering the call from the coaches whenever or wherever they needed him. But the two red cards and the wedding situation looked to completely erode any goodwill he had built up not just with Hyndman and his staff but also with his teammates.

So, if the Soccer Sensei didn’t trust him, then why did he keep running him out each and every week in the first 11? Simply, considering how depleted this team was personnel wise last summer in the wake of a rash of injuries and plenty of extra games, Hyndman basically had no choice but to put Jackson out there.

In terms of talent, pace and a solid skill set, there were never any questions about his ability to get it done between the lines. But a perceived lack of maturity and a player with a serious case of homesickness might be how many FCD fans remember him.

Jackson is still only 23 and who knows, maybe this loan to Cruzeiro is just what he needs at this point in his career. Will he ever log another minute for FC Dallas? That remains to be seen, but last year he was a guy who first fell completely off Hyndman’s proverbial bus and was running to get back on the rest of the season. Maybe he’ll be back or maybe not, but no matter what, Hyndman is looking forward to 2012, a season where his plans won’t include Jackson.