Schellas Hyndman: Plenty to like about trialists

FC Dallas currently has three trialists in camp - Scott Gordon, Martin John, Scott Sealy - plus another player, Houston native Christian Ibeagha, a defender with good size who played in some reserve games last year.

Ibeagha is technically signed for the preseason, so he’s not officially a trialist. Still, like Gordon, John and Sealy, he’s battling for a roster spot. Here’s what FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman had to say about all four players:

Scott Gordon, defender

Hyndman: We always saw some real positive things in him. He’s a heck of an athlete. He’s strong, quick, durable, explosive speed, great engine, great vertical leap. I think he was all-state in Florida in track and an all-state football player. He’s just a heck of an athlete. Him being with Fort Lauderdale for a year playing there, they put him off to a right back position because it’s a little bit simpler than the center. So we wanted to bring him in and take a look at him. He’s doing fine.

Christian Ibeagha, defender

Hyndman: Yeah, he’s a solid defender. He’s athletic. He’s strong. I’ve seen him run with Castillo and you know Castillo’s pretty damn quick. The thing where a lot of players have trouble is handling Fabian is his stop and go speed. If he’s just pure sprinting, I think Christian can sprint with him. But if he stops and goes, now you’ve got to stop, decelerate then accelerate. That’s very difficult but I think Christian is working hard trying to get himself a spot.

Martin John, defender

Hyndman: Martin’s a player that was playing in Champions League in England last year and we brought him in as a left back so we’re looking at him a little bit. Got a real extensive background, very comfortable on the ball, good one-v-one defender, he’s doing well.

Scott Sealy, forward/midfielder

Hyndman: I think he’s a solid striker. He’s probably a mixture of Santos and Cunningham type of player. He can hold the ball up like Santos could and then I think he’s got explosive speed like Jeff did. The thing is every day we watch him, there’s things we like and some areas that we want to continue to look at because if Scott continues to go the way he’s been going and when we get our first team back, he’s going against some of our starters, then we’ll have a much better view and getting him in games and seeing what he does. We’re looking at Scott to add some strength in the attack, some speed in the attack. He’s been unlucky because he’s had sports hernia, quadriceps, hamstring, so last year was really a bad year for him with all the injuries. But we’re not sure if he’s a No. 2 striker or a No. 1 striker. So we’ve got to keep looking at him.