David Ferreira status update: it's mental

It's been 10 months since David Ferreira was injured. Two operations in that time frame have led to a slow recovery. I had heard from FCD that Ferreira went full speed yesterday, but then today this report surfaced saying FCD is sending him to see a foot specialist.

“One of the problems he’s running into is the mind; he’s still worried about how strong he is, or if he’ll be reinjured, or is he at his best," coach Hyndman said in the Soccer America article. “We hope he’ll walk out of that appointment Wednesday feeling positive about himself and ready to go. He just needs the psychological strength to feel, ‘All right, I’m a month away, I’m a week away.’ He just needs that reassurance.”

With severe injures like Ferreira's the mind if often the last thing ready to go. The fact the club believes he's healthy is great, but now the player needs to believe it.

Hopefully FCD fans will see their star back on the field soon. Perhaps even as soon as the scrimmage at SMU tonight. (7:30, Westcott Field)