FC Dallas Friday notes

I caught up with FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman after Friday’s morning training session and here’s what he had to say on a wide variety of subjects.

Big Honor for Sanchez, Shea

Homegrown goalkeeper Richard Sanchez was recently called into the Under-20 National Team by Mexico, something Hyndman was definitely glad to hear. “For Richard, it’s a logical step up. They just won the Under-17 World Cup and now they need to continue to monitor his growth and see how he’s doing,” he said. “It’s very logical and we’re very supportive of that.”

And College Station native Brek Shea will be training with the United States Under-23 team later this week in Frisco, another big step for him. “Yeah, it is no big surprise. It’s something very important to Brek and it should be important to any player to get called into the Olympic team and have an opportunity for lifetime memories,” Hyndman said. “It’s quite an honor and I think he’ll do fine.’

Luna, Villar on the Mend

Two players who weren’t on the pitch in Wednesday’s preseason game at SMU and who also don’t figure to play on Saturday against Tulsa were both on the sidelines again on Friday morning-forward Ruben Luna and midfielder Ricardo Villar.

Hyndman offered the following explanation about Luna: “I think it’s the IT band that goes down his leg. I think what Ruben has to do is just get some time in the recovery but he’s probably got to do a little bit better job with pre-training warm-ups, post-training warm-ups, cool downs so that he doesn’t get stiffness.”

Villar’s ailment however isn’t quite as serious. “It’s just a hit in the calf and then it stretched to the hamstring, so he’s kind of frozen up on one side,” Hyndman said.

Latest News on Four Trialists

F Ange Pacome Dogba Gnagbo (Dogba): “[John] Ellinger calls him Dogman but his name’s Dogba. He’s very athletic, very quick, very hard, just constant energy, works extremely hard on both sides of the ball and continues to look better and better in each training session,” Hyndman said. “He came from South Africa [Ivory Coast].”

D Scott Gordon: “I think he’s done some good things but at the end of the day, we’ve only got so many spots,” Hyndman said. “We have our Academy players, the homegrown players they call them and they’re already in place. It is what it is with them.”

D Kleynar Mena: “I thought he did very well. I thought he did real well,” Hyndman said. “I thought he continued to improve and we just sent him back yesterday but we may be bringing him back down the road.”

M/F Scott Sealy: “Yeah, we’ll know very shortly [whether or not he makes the team],” Hyndman said.