Tuesday quick hits with Schellas Hyndman

I caught up with FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman after practice on Monday and here are some brief excerpts from that conversation.

Noticed Bryan Leyva on the side today, what is his status?

Hyndman: Yeah, the side of his leg’s been hurting for a while. Today [Monday] when we took him out, he stayed out.

Carlos Rodriguez has been out for a bit, what’s up with him?

Hyndman: Carlos ended up with back spasms last week, so he was out for a while. But I think he’s going to do very well. I think he’s going to give us the depth for the fullback position whether it’s left side, right side. I think he’s a very good passer of the ball, has got good vision, good speed. It’s always the adjustment to the league.

Have you made any progress in finding a new technical director?

Hyndman: Not yet, but I think that’s something that we keep talking about.

How close do you feel you are to getting the roster the way you want it?

Hyndman: I think we’re about three players away from a roster.

Do you feel Chris Seitz is pushing Kevin Hartman enough?

Hyndman: There’s no doubt Chris is pushing Kevin but sometimes it’s kind of a correlation if you’ve got a bigger brother that’s always picking on you. What point of time do you stop him from picking on you? What Chris has to do is Chris has to step past that and say I want to be No. 1.

Can fans expect to see David Ferreira in Wednesday’s scrimmage with the U.S. Under-23 squad?

Hyndman: I don’t know. I think he’s made some great improvements in the past week. I think mentally he’s getting stronger and confidence wise, he’s feeling better. It’s a little bit different to scrimmage your own team than it is an opponent. So, what I said to him today is you’ve got to let me know when you think you’re ready to go out there for a game with the contact that you will expect.