Schellas Hyndman elaborates, a little, on Bruno Guarda suspension

Another thing FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman was asked about after practice on Tuesday morning was midfielder Bruno Guarda, who missed several weeks while being suspended for what was termed a violation of team rules by a club official. Guarda returned to the pitch last week in Florida and was back on the training field on Tuesday.

When originally asked about the situation that led to the ex-SMU standout’s suspension Hyndman was uncharacteristically tight lipped about the whole situation. He did, however, open up a bit about it on Tuesday.

“Bruno’s situation is something I thought we as a club dealt with. I’m not really in a position to discuss the situation. I think Bruno embarrassed himself, embarrassed the club, and I think right now he’s on a slope that is going up and he’s got to regain people’s trust and he’s got to regain the image that we all remember, and what we liked of Bruno,” the FCD coach said.