Schellas Hyndman weighs in on homegrown players

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman weighed in on five of the club’s six homegrown players after practice on Friday and here’s what he had to say.

D Moises Hernandez

“I think Moises has made some big strides from a year ago and I think he’s getting better and better. He’s a real hard, he’s a very aggressive, great left-foot defender. The thing we’re trying to do is just get him into just thinking things through a little bit quicker. Not every tackle has to be a ball-winning tackle. Not every confrontation has to be a confrontation. Just figure things out. Put himself more into a controlled environment and I think he can develop into a pretty good player.”

M Bryan Leyva

“I think for me, he seems to be really enjoying training. This was an area I don’t think he was enjoying a lot and it might have been because we were putting such high demands on him and he wasn’t prepared to meet them. Right now I think he’s enjoying training. I think he looks forward to it. I think he works awfully hard at it. He’s still got to do a little bit better job taking care of himself but the thing is he gets it, so he’s working on it.”

F Ruben Luna

“That [his injury during preseason] really pulled him back. I think he was just trying to wait until he was completely healthy. Well, before you know it preseason’s over and you’re forgotten. So he’s brought himself back. Within the last week or so, he’s really worked hard.”

GK Richard Sanchez

“Yeah, he’s playing his best. He’s very confident. Every time we see him, we like him more and more. He just turned 18 and that’s a very young age to be thrown into MLS soccer but I think he’s going to have a good future with us.”

F Jonathan Top

“I see great improvements, wonderful improvements, wonderful young man, really an active player, good finishing. Just still a little naïve and a little young... really transformed his body, I think he must have lost like 20 pounds. I think his body fat was 17 percent. Now it’s like eight. So he’s really taken care of himself and working hard. We’re happy he’s playing with the academy and helping the academy find the success they’re used to.”