The Report Card: FCD vs. New York Red Bulls

First Touch: The 2012 version of FC Dallas looks and plays an awful lot like the FC Dallas of 2011 (i.e.: what's going on in the attacking third?)

Second Touch: The pairing of Ugo and Pertuz was rock solid and they were the team's best two players

The Finish: Winning in front of a sellout crowd is fantastic. But. If Ferreira doesn't return quickly, and like his former self, Hyndman's true coaching ability at the MLS level will get it's best test since his current roster simply doesn't have much creativity.

Hartman: 7 - Only asked to make a single save, but is anyone worried about Kev?

Benitez: 3 - Simply put, horrid. Bad passing, bad crossing, bad defending, ball watching on Cooper's goal

Pertuz: 8 - A wonderful debut and the team's best player on the day. More please

Ugo: 8 - Probably just as good as Hernan, but the other guy was unexpected

Loyd: 8 - Nice finish and hard work all around

Castillo: 6 - Just didn't see enough of the speedster with the ball, and then the injury

Shea: 6 - Brek looks like he has a governor on his throttle. Certainly learning to manage his playing time but it will come at the expense of what he brings to FCD.

Hernandez: 6 - Good Ol' Daniel. Solid as always but at this point in his career he's limited to cleanup in front of back line

Jacobson: 5 - A couple wicked flashes of skill, but too many turnovers

Villar: 6 - Just not an impact player in an impact position, but big +1 for the chipped finish

Perez: 7 - Big, shiny new target man. Should have scored. Appreciate the effort even late in the match


Warshaw: 5 - Team lost some composure on his entrance, but was that his fault?

Rodriguez: 6 - Good fill in for Fabian and nice debut

John: 7 - Great to see him back, but Pertuz is going to make him work for a starting spot