The Report Card: FC Dallas at DC United

First Touch: DC United got its first win (and four! goals) against a drowning FC Dallas side that continues to melt under any midfield pressure

Second Touch: Turnovers in the worst possible places and situations continue to plague Hyndman

The Finish: All teams have off nights (see LA and RSL), but the way they lost in KC & DC feels more like a revealing of the team's actual identity (worst GD in the West -3)

The Whiff: Now with Hernandez suspended what does Shellas do? Stick with the formation and show off that super shallow midfield depth? Or, does he go to a 4-4-2?

Elbow to the Face: Don't even get me started on Ferreira.


Hartman: 8 - A monster night with several saves that prevented this from being a criminal act of murder

Loyd: 4 - Struggled against DeLeon and was part of the turnover army

Ugo: 3 - A woeful night for the captain. Some horrid passing out of the back and lazy defending on DC's third goal

Pertuz: 4 - A really odd decision to step left gave Santos a valley to shoot through on first goal

Benitez: 3 - His passing has been atrocious this season and his overall play not much better

Rodriguez: 4 - Never was able to really get involved in the match

Shea: 3 - Shouldn't have even started (much less play a full 90), but he did and had a nightmare match. Bad passes, easily dispossessed, and his touch was way off all night

Hernandez: 3 - Another match where his age and condition are showing as he continues to make reaching fouls because he's lost that step. Here he was ejected because of it

Jacobson: 3 - Too many hopeful, searching, longish balls to nowhere, and not enough smart, short possession creating passes. Is Andrew MLS starting quality?

Villar: 4 - One of his better nights, but that isn't saying much. Still playing too deep, too many unforced turnovers and like Jacobson, the question is he MLS starting quality (especially at this position)

Perez: 6 - First he's offside on that goal, but good for him for playing through. How good is Blas? How can you know, only six shots in four matches. Compare that to Kamara's 24 or Henry's 13. Oddly all six are SOG, but he has only the pair of goals. Point being, he's not getting the ball enough.


Leyva & Perea: Neither had a chance as the team clearly had given up by the time either entered the match