Schellas Hyndman talks Revolution and locals connections

I asked FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman for his thoughts on his club’s next opponent, the New England Revolution, whom FCD will host on Thursday night in Frisco and here’s what the gaffer had to say.

What are your general thoughts on the Revs, who head into this week’s game fresh off an impressive 3-1 win over the reigning MLS Cup champion Galaxy on Saturday at the Home Depot Center?

Hyndman: New England, I think they’re a team that’s playing with a lot of energy, a team that’s finding themselves. They will have goals and will have expectations but I think the thing is once you start picking up results, you start to expect it and you play with more confidence. I thought they played extremely well against a very good team in LA. I thought they completely dominated the first half and a lot of that domination was work ethic. They worked awfully hard. They have extremely high energy and that makes it easier for everybody when everybody’s on the same page on the defending phase. I thought they brought that against LA.

Ryan Guy is someone FCD drafted in the second round of the 2007 draft and someone you looked at during a past off-season. Talk about him and the niche he’s carved out for himself in New England.

Hyndman: Yeah, Ryan Guy was a player that we really like. He came in during the off-season and we saw a lot of quality in him. We saw him as a flank midfielder. That’s what he plays. I think with New England he’s been playing a little bit as a striker because of the energy that he brought and the defense has been under a lot of pressure. You look at the number of goals that they’ve given up and the number of goals that we’ve given up, we’ve given up eight goals in four games, which is nothing to be happy about. You lose a game 2-1 and you can be disappointed but you lose a game 4-1 you should be downright pissed off. When Ryan Guy was here too, we had Jackson, we had Chavez and we had Brek. It was probably the strength of our team, flank play.

What about Richardson product Lee Nguyen?

Hyndman: Yeah, we were disappointed we didn’t pick him up when Vancouver did. We tried to work a deal with Vancouver and obviously they were not going to give people away, so it became very unrealistic for us to get him what Vancouver was asking for. We were just too far back to get him.

Fort Worth Nolan HS product Stephen McCarthy had a solid rookie season for the Revs in 2011. Talk about him going forward.

Hyndman: Yeah, he’s been a good selection for them. He had a good first year, got some playing time, so you no longer have the label of a rookie. McCarthy brings special things that every team looks for. He’s got good technical ability. He’s got a great work ethic and he’s pretty strong in the air. So those are qualities that he’ll bring whether those qualities are winning balls in the middle of the field or defending corner kicks. So he’s done well for them. It takes a good first season to play and you look at New England last year and they didn’t really have a lot to be happy about with their season but he got a chance to play. That was one of the positive things. He got a chance to play. He got better because he got to play a lot. He’s a much better player now than he was last year.