Luis Perea situation just didn't work out

Most observers were caught off guard by Wednesday’s announcement that FC Dallas had agreed to a mutual parting of the ways with forward Luis Perea. FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman was asked about the situation after a closed practice Wednesday on the FC Dallas Stadium field, and here’s what he had to say:

“Luis Perea came in and he was a player we were looking for special things from and it didn’t take us very long to find that it wasn’t a very good fit for us,” Hyndman said. “Now through mutual consent with Perea and FC Dallas, we felt like the best thing for both parties was to terminate the contract.”

And it wasn’t like FCD didn’t try to make this thing work with Perea.

“We tried to work with him, counsel him, do some of the things we needed done and he tried but I think at some point in time we just both mutually agreed that this wasn’t the best place for him,” Hyndman said.

Maybe we should have all seen this coming. After all, the matter-of-fact gaffer said several weeks back when asked about Perea that he was already having fitness issues and that he was concerned about how quickly he’d be able to adjust to MLS.

Hyndman also brought into question his newest striker’s work ethic, which is never a good thing for a player new to an organization to hear from his head coach. So, maybe Perea came here with the intention of killing some time until a better opportunity opened up or maybe it was something else but we may never know the truth.

Perhaps, it’s better to cut him loose and find another forward because they are definitely out there. With the beating Blas Perez has been taking thus far in his MLS career and the fact that it looks like FCD has little faith in young striker Ruben Luna at the current time, combined with the fact that preseason addition Scott Sealy can’t make his way back from injury, adding some more depth up top is now definitely at the top of Dallas’ list of priorities right now.

That and adding some more depth in the midfield.

Ex-Rapids coach Fernando Clavijo was brought in as Dallas’ new technical director for a reason. Now it’s time for him to work his magic.