Injury Updates on George John, Scott Sealy, Ricardo Villar and Andrew Wiedeman

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman offered updates on several injured players after almost a two-hour training session on Tuesday morning. Here’s what he had to say:


What is the latest on George, who was working on the side during training on Tuesday?

Hyndman: George I think has done his testing. Anytime you are dealing with concussion, head injuries, you’re always going to waver to the side of safety and we’re doing that. He did some running yesterday, some training yesterday and some basic heading yesterday, so those were real encouraging. Today I think he went to whatever doctor it is to get a follow-up and then more testing there. I see him down there now training and seems to be OK so hopefully he’ll be fine for this weekend.


Is he close to returning to training?

Hyndman: Good question, I think the reports I’ve gotten from the trainer is he could be out there training with us as early as tomorrow.


Talk about the nature of his injury

Hyndman: Ricardo, he ended up with mid-foot sprain. What ended up happening when he was taken down, he came down and then Shalrie Joseph’s body came back on top of it [his foot] and twisted it in the ground, so it was a mid-foot sprain.

Did the foul by Shalrie Joseph that led to the injury look worse than it actually was since you had a good view of it as it happened right in front of you?

Hyndman: I think if you look at it, it was really an intent to stop a player from going anywhere because he came from behind and took the leg down. Was there intent to hurt him? No, and it probably would have been just a rolled ankle or something just on that alone because his body kept on going because once he took him down, he went straight down and his body fell on top of him. It definitely was not an intent. Injuries like that, now he’s out and the other guy has a yellow card. It doesn’t seem fair.

What is the timeframe for Villar’s return at this time?

Hyndman: We’ll take it week-by-week but it’s really a backwards step for the team because he’s such an important player for us and he was really getting into his own groove. He’d scored two goals. He’s an important player. Every team has their injuries. We just want to get him back as soon as we can.


Did this injury pop up during preseason or has it been lingering with him for some time?

Hyndman: It lingered at the end of last year. We were a little bit conservative with it and just kept on working with him. He came back for preseason and you know how preseason is. You’re doing two-a-days and you’re going pretty hard and he started feeling a little bit of a pull. I think at first we had diagnosed it as more of a hip flexor and then it turned into OK, it’s not really that hip flexor. Maybe it’s more of an abdominal, hernia, sports hernia, whatever. So we got that taken care of because he was just getting to the point he was working hard out here but you could see his lost his explosion and all those quick things he used to do. We knew he wasn’t going to be out on the field. We’re looking at probably four to six weeks on him.

Is it similar to the injury Dax McCarty had in 2010, which was originally thought to be a hip flexor only to later be deemed as a sports hernia which needed surgery?

Hyndman: Yeah, I think it’s probably similar to that.