Is Andrew Jacobson Best Suited to Play Holding Mid?

In last Thursday’s 1-0 win over New England, FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman was forced to plug Andrew Jacobson in at holding mid with ex-captain Daniel Hernandez serving a suspension. And it’s fair to say Jacobson, who had struggled earlier in the year, responded and delivered a solid performance in the middle of the yard.

So, it’s not surprising to hear Hyndman offer high praise about AJ’s play against the Revolution.

“I thought it was his best game to date for us. I’m always trying to get versatility in players. It just helps when you’ve got three substitutes and you’ve got roster numbers when you’re working with and then you have injuries. So I’m always trying to look for different things in players,” Hyndman said.

The gaffer sees a number of qualities in Jacobson that lead him to believe the defensive mid spot could be the most ideal position for him on the pitch. "I think that holding midfield spot is really a good place for him. He’s got the range. He’s athletic. He’s a good tackler of the ball. He’s a good passer of the ball and he’s got the size to win balls in the air. If you remember last year when George [John] went over to Blackburn, AJ was playing some center back for us. In some ways, he did well. I thought he did very well with it but it’s not his favorite place and I thought the holding midfield he had a really good game,” Hyndman said.