Schellas Hyndman loves for FCD players to embrace opportunity

By his nature, Schellas Hyndman is a glass half-full kind of guy. So even as his FC Dallas team is currently rocked by injuries to guys like 2010 MLS MVP David Ferreira and Ricardo Villar, who has been filling in for Ferreira at the No. 10 spot, as well as several other, instead of lamenting his team’s current lack of depth, Hyndman looks at it a bit differently.

For example, were it not for Villar’s injury in Thursday’s 1-0 win over New England, then right back Zach Loyd likely wouldn’t have been able to step up in the 95th minute to take the free kick that captain Ugo Ihemelu got on the end of for the game-winner. But Loyd isn’t the only FCD player to embrace such an unexpected opportunity. In fact, a majority of Dallas players have done so thus far in the season and that’s music to the ears of their head coach.

“I think what ends up happening is it’s not just [Loyd on free kicks] but having Villar out, you’ve got Fabian [Castillo] now taking corner kicks. There’s a lot of good things,” Hyndman said. “The nice thing with this team is when the opportunity comes for players to step up, majority of the time they do. That’s what’s going to make us a successful team."