George John, Scott Sealy solid in return

Even though David Ferreira, Ricardo Villar and Andrew Wiedeman remain out for FC Dallas with injuries, there were two bits of favorable news on the injury front this week as both George John and Scott Sealy returned to training.

John had missed the first few days of this week’s practice while going through league concussion protocols after he took a ball to the face in last Thursday’s win over the Revolution while Sealy has been out since preseason with a hamstring issue.

FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman elaborated on how both of them have looked in their first few days back on the practice field.

George John

Hyndman: Yeah, George, very good. I think as far as the health issue, the reason I say very good is he was out all preseason with us, so we’ve been working him a little bit hard. The common exercises that we do with our players are so different than what he’s been doing at West Ham for two months. Starting him, we’re starting to see some of the rustiness come out, so it’s good to see some of the confidence on the ball, the possession. He’s quickly getting back on track.

Scott Sealy

Hyndman: Very well, obviously this is going to be a timing thing for two weeks. I think he’s been out for four solid weeks. Just prior to that, he was out for four weeks after he had hurt himself. He’s looking good in training the last three days. We’ve been pushing him pretty hard. No issues. I talked to him. He says he’s fine, but he thought it was better not to come back until he was completely there and that paid off.