Jair Benitez, Daniel Hernandez look good in training

FC Dallas will have left back Jair Benitez and holding mid Daniel Hernandez again available for Saturday’s visit from Montreal. It almost seems like a lock that Benitez will return to his old spot and it wouldn’t surprise many to see Hernandez starting alongside Andrew Jacobson, who filled in nicely for the ex-Dallas captain at the d-mid spot in last Thursday’s 1-0 win over New England.

Head coach Schellas Hyndman has been happy with how Benitez and Hernandez have performed in training this week, much less how his entire squad has shown thus far.

“They’ve both looked good. We’ve really had a good week of training. A lot of that is we had the reserve game,” Hyndman said. “The first team played on a Thursday, had recovery on Friday. So they worked hard Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Today [Thursday] we back off a little bit and then the reserve players had a game, so they had to train on Monday, game day on Tuesday and recovery day on Wednesday. I was training basically with 10-11 players and I think we got a lot of things done, a high level of intensity and a high level of play.”