Schellas Hyndman's decision to stick with Hernan Pertuz based on simple rationale

By his very nature, FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman likes to keep things fairly simple. Basically, if a formation and/or a lineup works, namely results in a win, then he’s very likely to stick with that same methodology in the game following. That was definitely the case in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Montreal.

Even with starting left back Jair Benitez returning from suspension, Hyndman opted to keep Hernan Pertuz in his first 11 at left back and sit Benitez on the bench. Ex-captain Daniel Hernandez did return to the starting lineup alongside Andrew Jacobson but that could have been a simple decision, especially with Ricardo Villar out with a foot injury.

Still, it is interesting to hear the gaffer discuss such things, which he did in great detail after training on Monday.

“It is exactly that [based on the fact that things were working],” Hyndman said. “It was the first shutout we’d had [against New England] and it was working. Now all of a sudden, you’re going to change it after having a first shutout? You have to remember I didn’t think we played very well against D.C. and if you look at those mistakes, you can start looking at the area of concern. That’s why we made the change and so as much as we like Pertuz there, it’s really not his position.”

Hyndman added: “What we do is we lose out on one side of the field because you’ve got Pertuz on one side, who doesn’t attack real well and you’ve got Carlos [Rodriguez] in front of him that doesn’t attack real well. That was another thing that was developing. When I’m making all of these changes and a lot of it is through necessity, knowing that if we get a good result here, a good performance here, it was great but what do we want? I think you’ll start to see us getting back into positional players.”