Marco Ferruzzi likes what he sees from FCD Reserves thus far

In his more than eight years as an assistant coach for FC Dallas Marco Ferruzzi has held various responsibilities under four different head coaches. The San Antonio native even had a short stint as FCD’s interim head coach before current coach Schellas Hyndman was hired in June 2008.

But this season, Ferruzzi has added another responsibility as the new coach of the Dallas reserves. And through their first four games, the FCD reserves are 3-1-0 with nine points, tying them with Houston for the top spot in the Central/Mountain Division of the MLS Reserve League.

Bryan Levya and Jonathan Top each have two goals thus far for the reserves while FCD academy player Michael Ambrose, who is heading to the University of Maryland, currently leads the club with two assists.

In short, the man coaching this group couldn’t be happier.

“Well, it’s been good. The approach from the group has been very positive and committed. I think the one thing we started off with in speaking to the group is that this is an opportunity for you guys to get prepared to play first-team minutes but you have handle these games as important as the first-team games in terms of wanting to play well in terms of wanting to win those games because the results are important,” Ferruzzi said.

And the longtime FCD assistant feels that making sure his players have that same mentality is one of his biggest responsibilities with this young group.

“It’s all the same mentality that you have playing in the first team. If you sit there and you take it as an exercise or you take it as an individual and you separate it from the bigger picture, you’re not going to get the most out of it. So, they’ve taken it the right way,” Ferruzzi said.

So far, the only blemish on the FCD reserves this season is a loss to Houston, who they currently share the division lead with.

“They’ve gotten good results. I think they matched up against Houston, which on paper a good team, and they ended up getting a good result against us but I think we competed against them. It’s given those boys a chance every single week to be in Schellas’ 18 and some of them have already been in the 11,” Ferruzzi said.

Of course, this isn’t the first incarnation of the MLS Reserve League. But this Frisco fixture admits it’s nice to not have to basically pull guest players off the street as was often the case in the earlier incarnation of this league.

“It’s been enjoyable. From the first couple go arounds where we were scrapping for players because of injuries, schedule congestion and the timing of everything, I like the fact that we’re bringing in academy guys. Everybody that’s coming in is an FC Dallas part of the organization and I think it’s benefitting them,” Ferruzzi said. “They’re going to go away to school. They’re going to be that much more confident, that much more able and with that whole idea of being connected to us and coming back. There’s that whole continuity with us, which I like. So I think it’s got a lot of legs.”