The Report Card: FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps

First Touch: The good news? Subbing in Guarda and Warshaw for Villar and Jacobson didn't reveal any great drop off...

Second Touch: The bad news? Subbing in Guarda and Warshaw for Villar and Jacobson didn't reveal any great drop off...

The Finish: Hyndman is stuck playing the 4-1-4-1 with a lack of proper resources simply because the team is even worse off in the 4-4-2.


Seitz: 7 - Overall a strong night with one monster save to keep the team in it. Like his speed off his line to gobble up loose balls. Extra credit for doing it on such short notice.

Loyd: 7 - Did you hear he scored a 31 on his yo-yo fitness test? Insanity. But it shows on the field.

Ugo: 7 - Once home team scored never was pressed too hard

John: 7 - See Ugo

Rodriguez: 5 - A couple of oddly poor defending decisions, the first directly related to Vancouver's goal

Castillo: 4 - While his work rate defensively has improved by leaps and bounds, he turned the ball over too many times and never could make his magic turn into opportunity.

Hernandez: 4 - Lots of pressure on him from the Whitecaps and that led to a lot of bad passes

Warshaw: 5 - Did a lot of the short, possessive type passing, but only four successful attacking passes out of 30. Everything else was backwards or lateral. Good at helping keep possession, but rarely ever made the team dangerous.

Guarda: 4 - An OK match. Never really hurt the side, but also showed that he's not a AM by nature and also explained the value of Villar in a time without Ferreira. Really blew the opportunity to tie with net wide open with a poor shot straight at Cannon

Shea: 6 - Led the team with shots and appears to be finding his mojo, but couldn't make a magic moment.

Perez: 5 - One. Shot. All. Match. And it was off frame and a header. If you want to know Dallas' problem it's that it can't get the ball to the hardworking Perez in spots where he can be dangerous. He's flat out being wasted.


Sealy: 4 - Barely noticed him in his short spell

Hedges: 5 - Immediately almost scored from a header