David Ferreira to begin rehab in Los Angeles

It has been only a few weeks since David Ferreira had foot surgery, which means it is about time for his rehab to begin anew. But instead of the 2010 MLS MVP doing his recovery here in the Metroplex, he will instead be heading to Athletes’ Performance location in Los Angeles in order to work his way back.

“Our mentality right now with David is he just got the OK for rehab. What we’re going to do is send him out to LA and get intensive rehab out there where some of the better athletes like Beckham, Donovan and some of those guys when they’re injured, they get their rehabs. We felt like a change of environment was very important for David. We didn’t want to send him to Brazil, to Colombia or anything like that because we want him to still be a part and focus for this,” FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman said. “But if everything goes the way we think it will go, he could be back in six weeks.”

The Ferreira discussion is a timely one, especially since FCD just played at Vancouver, losing 1-0 at BC Place on Saturday, which is where the injury happened last April, albeit at a completely different venue.

Hyndman was well aware that this was his club’s first trip back to British Columbia since that day, but he also didn’t want to see his team playing with a chip on their shoulder. “We’re only there once and it was the worst injury in FC Dallas history under my leadership. It was interesting because even in the press conference, they were talking about something and I twisted to we like coming here even though it was exactly a year ago that the MVP of the league was taken down here and has yet to return. I thought about it. I didn’t share it with the players because I don’t want players to be playing with anger, but obviously when you look at it in that manner, it’s been a long time,” he said.