MRI shows Ricardo Villar has bone bruise

It’s now been almost a month since Ricardo Villar hit the pitch for FC Dallas. The Brazilian playmaker was injured in the first half of a 1-0 win over New England on April 5 and has yet to return to the field.

FCD ordered an MRI on Villar, who has been out since the Revs game with a foot sprain, earlier this week and on Thursday, Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman elaborated on the findings of that MRI.

“Yeah, we did get a result and I’m not real clear on the specifics. But it was what we had anticipated, a sprain. Villar told me it’s between two of the bones. There’s a bruise there and the thing for us is we’re looking at a total of six weeks. I don’t know, what has he been out, three? There’s always a concern about the nerve being bruised or damaged because that takes maybe a little bit longer to recover,” Hyndman said. “But from what Ricardo told me today was the last two days have been the best he’s felt, so we’re making some progress.”

Since Villar has already missed a month and the club estimated his injury would take about six weeks to recover, that would mean he should be in line to return in about two weeks or the May 19 visit from the Philadelphia Union.