Returning to home town of Dallas still special for ex-FCD Defender Moor

Before Sunday night, Drew Moor had returned to FC Dallas Stadium on three occasions as a member of the Colorado Rapids, but had never seen his current club leave with three points. Of course, that streak ended with a 2-0 win by Colorado in a game that FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman called disappointing as Dallas played the final 55 minutes or so with just nine players.

And Moor figured in the ejection of FCD striker Blas Perez in the 36th minute as the Dallas native and Perez were going for what Hyndman called a 50-50 ball. Perez went into the challenge with a cleat up and Moor displayed the scars after the game to show he definitely took one for the team. And yes, the ex-Dallas back liner talked about that play right off the bat.

“To be honest, I think he was trying to bring the ball down out of the air. His cleat was extended. I don’t think he meant any malice in it whatsoever. But it was a scary situation. I hit my head pretty hard and wanted to be sure that was OK,” Moor said.

Of course, Sunday’s match marked the first trip back to Frisco for former FCD player and assistant coach Oscar Pareja and while he said he wasn’t nervous, his current captain begs to differ.

“It’s always tough to come back and play here. Oscar [Pareja] might not tell you he was nervous, but I know he was nervous as well. This club meant a lot to both of us and to be able to come in and win three points like this at this point in the season where we’d had a dip in form at the end of a three-game week, it’s big,” Moor said.

Sunday might have marked the fourth time he’s been back in the Metroplex as a member of the opposition and while the newness of the experience has worn off a bit, that unique feeling of returning home and playing in front of friends and family never gets old.

“Yeah, it’s always special, a lot of family and friends in the crowd, a lot of friends who supported me when I played for Dallas and who continue to support me even with the Rapids. It’s a special place,” Moor said. “I played over 100 games here for FC Dallas and it’ll always be a special place to me. A big part of my heart stays here. I think it makes it that much sweeter to get three points here finally.”

And considering that along with striker Andre Akpan and fellow defender Hunter Freeman that he’s one of three DFW products on the Rapids, that makes coming back even more special.

“Of course, we talk about it all the time. Unfortunately, Andre [Akpan] isn’t here with us on this trip but yeah, the three of us love coming back here,” Moor said. “We talk about Dallas, we talk about Texas all the time. Its home for us and it always will be.”

Some might have noticed that there was one difference for the affable Dallas native this time around besides the favorable outcome for the Rapids. He was also serving as Colorado’s captain, a role he inherited when Pablo Mastroeni was forced off the pitch due to ill effects from a concussion earlier this year. Not surprisingly, it’s a role he embraces.

“It’s been great. Pablo [Mastroeni]’s still our captain. He’s still a huge part of us and we see him plenty and we hope nothing but the best for him because he’s going through some scary stuff right now. You don’t want to mess with concussions and I’ve had a couple myself and they can be very scary,” Moor said. “Always proud to wear the armband, I wore it several times for Dallas when Pablo Ricchetti was injured or missing games and it’s always special. It never gets old.”