Schellas Hyndman discusses FCD's next opponent: Seattle

FC Dallas had a short recovery session Monday morning, after which Schellas Hyndman addressed several subjects to the leering press. Here are his thoughts on his side’s next opponent, Seattle Sounders FC, who will visit Frisco on Wednesday night.

Seattle’s currently on a run of good form. Discuss how they’re playing.

Hyndman: They’re doing a very good job. They’re not sitting around with all the injuries. They bring Eddie Johnson off the bench. If Eddie Johnson was on this team, would he be coming off the bench? That’s the reality. Seattle’s a good team. They’ll be disciplined. They’re one of the teams in the league and it comes from the coach that they’re like a shark. They smell blood and they go after you, so they’re going to be here for domination and three points. They’re not coming in trying to sneak out a game. They’re coming in, hey these guys are vulnerable, they’re bleeding, let’s go put a stake in their heart.

Third-year forward David Estrada currently leads them with four goals this season. What are your thoughts on him?

Hyndman: He’s one of those players that just works his butt off getting an opportunity and finding the back of the net. As long as he’s doing that, I think the thing that you have to understand for a young player, for an unproven player to find success in this league, they’ve got to work. They’ve got to bring it every day. They’ve got to do all their stuff that other players won’t do whether it’s constant motion, whether it’s checking back and helping the defense. But until you get an established position or the confidence of the coach, the one thing you have to bring is work ethic and work ethic should be a given by every player but for some reason it isn’t. I think when you reward players that don’t have work ethic you’re just building a problem.

You and Sounders FC head coach Sigi Schmid are longtime friends. Discuss how you two are similar in terms of what you expect from your players yet still different in other ways.

Hyndman: I think in many ways, we are similar. We’ve come through the same era. We were both players that weren’t outstanding players. We were good players, professional players, but we weren’t the outstanding players and I think we’ve had the same education. I think we both have a same view of how players should play. I think we’re also similar in our passion and our work ethic, so I think there’s a lot of similarities. But of course, as many similarities [as there are], there’s also differences but I think in regard to players, we want the best out of players all the time. Neither of us are coaches that will have players tell us what they’ve done. We want them to show us what they’re doing and if you’ve got players that are walking through it, they’re not going to see the field until they get through it. Now, we’ve got guys that aren’t at their best right now but we’re playing them because of necessity. We hope that we can change that standard or mentality as well.