Quote sheet: Seattle Sounders at FC Dallas

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

It was a disappointing result. We were unable to score. I think that led into the pressure late in the game. Montero comes on the field. We know what he’s all about. He’s a very good player. He’s a difference maker and obviously tonight he scored two goals. For us, I thought we had probably 70 minutes of our best soccer of the year, getting the ball, moving the ball and I don’t want to emphasize the players we were missing. I thought the players we had on the field today were very good. They played hard, determined and, as you know, they had a very difficult game on Sunday that took a lot of energy out of them. I thought the first half Seattle was responding to us. I think we took the game to them. Rosales did have a great chance that (he) was unlucky not to finish, but if you look at the number of opportunities we had, the number of times we got behind the defense, we should have done better with it.

On the two Seattle goals…

The first goal I thought we were a little bit out of shape and then when (Fredy) Montero got the ball we had two guys who were right on him trying to make a tackle and somehow he got free. I think the players were almost in each other’s way at a point. He got free maybe 10 yards away from the goal and hit it to the near post. He hit it with so much power that Kevin (Hartman) couldn’t get a hand on it.

The second goal was really goofy. This is just us being a little bit na├»ve. We doubled up on the player with the ball and we left an open space in the zone. When we didn’t win the ball, we were out of shape. The ball went into the left side of the field. The guy came in and I think Montero probably beat George to the ball and that’s what Montero does. He’s a shark. He’s a finisher. He made a difference in the game. I thought we did a very good job with (Mauro) Rosales, who is probably their best player, and in comes Montero.

FC Dallas defender Zach Loyd

On the team’s overall performance during the game…

I’m disappointed, obviously, with the result, especially being at home. I thought the team played well, but we didn’t capitalize on our opportunities. With the few chances they did get, they capitalized on us. At the end of the day, we got beat 2-0.

On how to rebound after losing two disappointing games in a row…

Our backs are against the wall right now and we haven’t won a game in several weeks. I think the biggest thing we can do is to come together as a team and continue to believe in one another. For the next game, we’ll have Daniel [Hernandez] back, we’ll have Blas [Perez] back, and we will have Brek [Shea] back in the lineup, so I think we’re going to see a huge improvement with the team. Hopefully going forward we can see better results.

On how he can individually contribute to the success of the team…

I can continue to work hard in practice, I can continue to develop and I can get better individually. I think the most important thing is to come together as a group. I think the team needs to continue to grow and continue to progress. Our sights are the playoffs, and we still have our sights on that. This weekend would be a big swing for us if we can get three points.

FC Dallas defender Matt Hedges

On his first career start with the team…

It felt really good to get the start, but I wasn’t too pleased with the result. When I was out there, I didn’t feel like we really changed the whole way we played, and it felt good.

On how tonight’s performance can affect his future with the team…

Whenever the team needs me to get on the field for a start, I’ll be ready. I think I’ve defined my role with the team, and they know what I can do and that I can help the team, so I’m just trying to do whatever I can.

FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea

On his health…

My body felt really good. It’s just that my toe was a little sore. It’s more annoying than anything. It feels like there is something in your shoe, just poking you all the time. It did feel a lot better than it had after resting it this week. I’m wearing an insert in my boot that helps take a lot of the pressure off of it.

General thoughts on the match…

We were unfortunate to lose. I don’t think it was a 2-0 game. In the first half the chances were going both ways, but in the beginning of the second half I thought we really dominated, but that’s soccer. They had two chances and they put them away.

Are the recent struggles just a matter of the ball not bouncing the right way?

It’s not going our way right now in anything. Soccer is like that. Once you get things going in the right direction… Once things start rolling… We had it rolling at the beginning of the season. It’s not rolling right now. We have a lot of guys out, but I do think a lot of guys stepped up and played well tonight. It’s unfortunate we lost 2-0.

Seattle Sounders FC head coach Sigi Schmid

On five straight victories…

It’s great. Today was tough for us because it’s our fourth game in 10 days, so we had a lot of tired bodies out there you know, but you try to get people through it. That’s why we tried to cut the minutes for Rosales. We tried to cut Montero’s minutes as well to keep us as fresh as possible because we have another game on the weekend. But I thought our team responded well. I thought we defended well, which we’ve done all season.

I thought Jeff Parke was superb. I thought Meredith came up with a big save at a big time for us and then obviously Montero finished two good goals. There was a lot of good work by Cordell Cato on the first goal. You know so I was pleased for him in his first game.

On three straight shutouts…

Well they work for each other you know. They get in the way. They block shots. They help each other. They cover for each other. You know they take a lot of pride in keeping things away from goal. I think our goalkeepers don’t have to make a lot of big saves because we’re doing a lot of saves in front of them and when they do they’re able to come up with it and do well with it. So it’s a mindset and the mindset is with our midfielders and forwards as well in terms of making plays predictable.

On second half play vs. the first…

I think the first half we were too stretched out. I thought Rose and Evans played too deep together and so there was a big hole there. Also Strata and Johnson are big forwards that like to stay high a little bit, so we had a big hole in the middle of midfield. So basically in the first half (James) Marcelin ran the whole show and he was able to put balls to the next guy. Who then play into (Fabian) Castillo and people like that. We talked about that at halftime, and the second half Evans pushed into that hole a little bit. Montero drops into that hole, so now all of the sudden we were able to play and connect some passes into that hole and hold the ball for longer sequences and that forced them back a little bit.

Seattle Sounders FC goalkeeper Bryan Meredith

As a team this is our fifth win in a row, which is a franchise record for us. It’s very exciting. It was a great game. Sometimes you have to grind it out defensively, but the defense again did a great job. You have to give most of the credit to the defense for playing from minute 1 to minute 90 at 100 percent.

On diving save to end the first half

He hit it across the goal and I don’t even know who it was. The ball just got up and kind of floated to the upper 90 and I just did everything I could to get a little tip on it.

On stepping in to play…

It’s been fun. You’ve got to be ready to step in and done the job at any time, which sometimes makes a backup position tough. I was prepared correctly before every game and luckily I’ve been able to extend our win streak.

Seattle Sounders FC forward Fredy Montero

It’s a great feeling coming off the bench. I try to do my best and do what Sigi told me and it was a big surprise for me to score those two goals and get the three points. Obviously when you are winning games you want to keep working and doing the same stuff. We tried to jump into the field and just enjoy the game. Try to be honest with us and try to be honest with the team and work hard for each other. We had a great battle today. We scored two goals and we got three points, which was super important for us.

On the second goal…

It was a little touch by the defense and the ball came to me and I just jumped and guided the ball into the net.

On the first goal…

It was a really fast play. I was battling for the ball and when I got the ball I tried to fake one defender and when I looked up I was right in front of the keeper. Then I just tried to put the ball into the net. It was a goal and a big moment for me.