Schellas Hyndman weighs in on Crew

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman weighed in on his side’s next opponent, the Columbus Crew and here’s what he had to say.

General thoughts on the Black and Gold

Hyndman: They’re not having a great year. They haven’t played a lot of games. In fact, they haven’t played a midweek game, which is horrible when you look at parity in the league. It seems like we live on midweek games, so we’re going in there tired. Two very difficult games and then we’re going to a team that hasn’t played since last Saturday. So I think you’ll see a fresh team, a team that’s playing at home, team trying to turn their difficulties into strengths and then we’ll have to battle that storm and try to score goals.

Columbus’ captain Chad Marshall, who missed their last game with concussion symptoms, has wreaked his share of havoc on FCD over the years. Talk about him and what he brings to the Crew.

Hyndman: He’s a very difficult player to play against. He’s savvy. He’s powerful. He’s big and experienced. They play a lot of their game to him, whether it’s free kicks or corner kicks. If he’s unable to score the goal, he always seems to redirect it, knock it back against the grain or he creates an opportunity for someone else to score. Yeah, he has been a problem for FC Dallas. It’s not through lack of recognition or effort on our part. You have to compliment him for being a good player.