Chemistry remains strong for FC Dallas

No doubt about it, things just aren’t going well right now for FC Dallas. One month has come and gone since the club last won, a 2-1 victory over expansion Montreal back on April 14. The results simply aren't coming as FCD is currently on a three-game losing streak and a six-match winless streak.

But despite his side’s current struggles, Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman doesn’t see an issue as far as team chemistry goes. “I think the guys have very good team chemistry,” Hyndman said on Monday. “I think they like each other”

However the FCD coach does see two major exceptions, something which he sees as being normal for every team, no matter the level of competition.

“I think we’ve got a couple guys that are off the line. We’re all walking off this road and we’re all fighting for each other, but I think we’ve got a couple guys off the line, either through immaturity or through selfishness. And that’s kind of a normal thing,” Hyndman said.

He added: “What we have to do is continue to reinforce how important it is that they’re part of the team, functioning with the team and trying to work with the team. But it’s an interesting thing when you talk to a group of players, if I make the same statement to the team the two players I’m talking about don’t think I’m talking about them. So it’s one of those things where we’ve got to spend a little bit more time in grooming them and letting them know. You do that through videos and work, but I think the chemistry on the whole is good.”

And while some might think that the coach has little to no role in developing team chemistry, Hyndman begs to differ a bit as to what part he plays in his team’s chemistry.

“One of the things with the chemistry is when you are winning and everything’s going well, you don’t worry about chemistry. When things aren’t going well, it’s very common to start pointing fingers at other people,” he said. “I think my role as the coach is it’s very important for me to get the mindset right and we get the results.”