Catching up with David Ferreira

2010 MLS MVP David Ferreira is inching ever so closer to returning to the field. “El Torito” addressed the media Friday and while he says he’d like to return in time for the FCD match at Houston on June 16, it looks like seeing him back around the first part of July would be a bit more realistic.

What is your mental outlook right now?

Ferreira: At the beginning, I was sad I wasn’t on the field. I was not with the team, but I was being strong, trying not to take the negative stuff and just focusing on the comeback because that’s what was best for the team.

How do you feel knowing the fans expect big things from you once you do return?

Ferreira: I’m calm. I know the expectations are big. People have communicated that to me -- that the fans are waiting for me. I have to first take care of what I have to do in my rehab. They’re waiting for me to come back and that’s what I’m working for, David Ferreira to come back and help the team.

How tough has it been for you to watch this team struggle over the last month?

Ferreira: It’s hard. I suffer watching the guys struggle. To overcome that, we need to work, we need to focus to get the results we need to get.