Schellas Hyndman on the Union

I asked FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman several Union-related questions after practice Friday and here’s what he had to say.

What are your thoughts on Philly trading Danny Califf to Chivas USA in the light of some rumors that he might not have been a good guy in the room any longer up there?

Hyndman: It’s always speculation, isn’t it? I’m not in that locker room. I’m not in the coaches and players discussion but I do know that when they were an expansion team, he was a very, very important player to the development of that franchise. He’s a solid defender. He’s a ball winner. He’s a guy that all coaches want on their team, not on the opposing team. And then something obviously has happened whether personnel changes, other players can do different things, injuries, conflict between philosophy. So I think every coach has to make a decision, what’s the best for my team? Right now, as I mentioned to our players, losing him whether he was going to start or wasn’t going to start, I think it probably came to the point that they were going to move on without him. The other issue is where’s he going to end up? With Chivas, right? So now he’s in our conference.

Do the Union epitomize Nowak’s demeanor as a player and coach?

Hyndman: I watched the game they played against New York where New York was up a man and you couldn’t tell who was up a man. I know it was a home game. I know they haven’t had a great start like we haven’t, so you keep digging deeper and deeper into people. Attitude makes up 20 percent and it can add 20 percent to your game. If you have the attitude to work hard and your teammates are working hard, now all of a sudden your level of play really starts to rise.