Monday Morning Gaffer: Memphis vs FC Dallas

It's not exactly Monday and this isn't exactly fresh, but here is it none the less. Real life got in the way of this article being done this weekend; well, real life and the SuperBowl. Today I had set aside some time to go to the afternoon FCD training session. Unfortunately it was canceled, so I figured since I had a little time I would give you this belated Gaffer. My write up is mainly going to be an evaluation of players.

Last Saturday FC Dallas faced the University of Memphis, which while a solid program isn't a top tier team. FCD first started playing Memphis because Colin Clarke knew their coach Richie Grant (he's Irish). The series continues, I imagine, cause they are willing to come here and I'm sure Schellas knows Grant as well.

Let's be honest, there isn't a ton in this game that is going to help FCD right this minute. The interesting players appears to be the younger project ones. So keep these comments in context of playing a college team. This is not MLS competition and I'm looking for little things that can be built upon for a bottom of the roster player.

I think we put a lot of our trialists out there. We wanted to give them a chance to get a fair shake and look at them a little bit more. I thought it’d be good to give some of our other players some down time with recovery and a day off tomorrow. I thought they did all right. I was looking for a little bit more from some of them. It’s always a situation when you’re playing against a college team that is pretty focused and aggressive. - Schellas Hyndman


FCD was in their red stripes, Memphis in blue and black. FCD played the nominal 4-1-4-1, although a couple guys didn't quite get it right. Memphis in a diamond 4-4-2.

FCD First Half

FCD Second Half

Memphis First Half

Player names are off the Memphis website, so hopefully they are accurate. Given it's spring ball they may not be.

I didn't get a number on the Tiger keeper in the first half. I think from the video below it's Jorden Leddle both halves. I know he played in the second half as I wrote it down.

Memphis First Half

I didn't bother to track the subs for Memphis.


18' 1-0 FCD Goal - Yeisley earns a free kick about 20 yards out, Guarda scores on free.

23' 2-0 FCD Goal - A Memphis back pass isn't handled well by the keeper; Dabao pressures him, forces a turnover, and scores.

43' 2-1 Memphis Goal - A mistake in the FCD midfield lets an inlet pass split the center backs and #7 Justin Watson scores for Memphis.

74' 3-1 FCD Goal - Leyva draws a free kick at the top of the key, Marosevic scores on the free.

Here they are provided by FC Dallas PR...

El Bueno (The Good)

36 Yu Dabao - There are a couple interesting qualities here. Good size, seems to know the game and where to be, reads well. Not notably nifty with the feet but has some skill and manages to score each time I see him. Solid today. Is there enough upside to sign him? Hum... probably not.

I thought Yu settled it down a little bit in the first half and was doing some good things. He’s quick, can read the game and is very technical. He could be one of the most technical players on our team. He can use his right foot and left foot. He has good vision. I think he showed some quality - Hyndman

22 Josh Lambo - Noticeably more mature, he's filled out and isn't a kid anymore. He doesn't have a ton to do today but is communicating well. The Memphis goal isn't his fault.

25 Steve Purdy - FCD's best defender today, but that isn't saying much. Goal wasn't his fault either, but he could have done better seeing it coming. Overall kept his place today in terms of competing for the team.

34 Jason Yeisley - Plays back to goal, the only striker in camp who wants to do that (and that includes the senior team). Good size and can turn or lay off with above average feet. Not fast enough to really be a big time MLS threat, but might be worth hanging onto and see how he develops. Strong and can hold off a defender. Earns the free kick for the first goal.

31 Moham Fahim - The most impact of an FCD player today. Not sure if he was supposed to be a deep player or not but he played high next to Peri. Moved about, created danger, put the Tiger defense under pressure and created gaps, combined, and defended high. Looked like the one trialist who might actually contribute something if he were fit and in form. He was dangerous, aggressive, and tough.

I thought in the second half, Peri (Marosevic) and (Misho) Fahim did a pretty good job up front. The two of them became more of a threat and we had some scoring chances. - Hyndman

21 Brian Leyva - Oh goodness. Best talent on the field and 17. You can see the clear difference in the skills and upside. The diamond in the poo-poo (trademark Emmitt Smith). I was almost giggling with joy watching him play. Sublime feet, advanced reading, good passing. Oh man.

Even though he’s very young, we like Brian Levya. He was very active. - Hyndman

#7 Justin Watson from Memphis - Quick, dang quick. Like turning guys and running away from them quick. Reminds me of Cobi Jones, better without the ball than with. He had the Memphis goal. I would like to see him come in to FCD camp this summer for a couple weeks.

#10 Cody McCoy from Mempphis - Interesting player. Smart, good skills. Wanted to combine and use space, but didn't have much help. Would like to see him in a better team. He's carrying this one.

El Camino Central (Middle of the Road)

17 Peri Marosevic - He's not a trialist but his good form continues, albeit against subpar players. Got in a few dangerous spots but didn't score in the run of play. He should kill a team like this if he wants to stake a claim for PT. If he was a trialist he would have been in the top section. But he's not a trialist, he's a MLS player. Needs to do more.

26 Anthony Wallace - Second half better than the first. He's had a good spring, this one was just "solid" not great. I want to see more, there should be more.

He did fine. I thought he was fine. That’s what we’re looking for from him, that type of performance. - Hyndman

33 Eric Alexander - Better than Pitchkolan was at the same stage in my opinion. But MLS has improved. He would be a solid squad player if MLS expands rosters, but if not I just don't see it happening. Solid D, composed, moves the ball on quick, and plays within himself. However I think he was at fault on the Memphis goal.

6 Aziz Ansah - Blah. Not bad, just nothing. Boring. Defended well, but struggled to link and was forcing passes. Did nothing going forward. If he's gonna take Heath Pearce's right back spot he's gonna have to do a lot more. If he's NOT gonna take the right back spot from Pearce why bother keeping him? It's early, be patient. But he better step up.

8 Bruno Guarda - He is what he is. Solid, didn't make mistakes. Didn't dazzle, but he should have dominated this game. I have hopes he can still be the player I thought he would be. Almost seems to have regressed. Clearly outplayed by Leyva.

28 Duke Hashimoto - Tons of hustle, works his tail off. I just don't see enough skill or upside to be worth signing. although he did have a couple shots. His work and hustle would make for a wonderful practice player if he would do it.

29 Brian Shriver - Good runner, box to box was in team shape and balanced. Played well enough, except for he final third where his clinched up and either made a bad pass or a bad shot. Relax kid.

23 Andrew Wiedeman - Played out of position as a wide midfielder. Not bad, tried to do a few things and run at some people. You could see him trying to figure it out. He's a roster lock as a Generation adidas so he has plenty of time to play his real spot later. Today he was just a body.

Sean Kelley - Didn't even touch the ball really. Impossible to learn anything about him off this game.

No Tan Bueno (Not So Good)

35 Dane Saintus - Invisible. Not sure I even noticed him. Couldn't find the game very much. I want him to make this a hard decision process for SH.

27 Edson Edward - A strong physical player, better in this full game than short space where he isn't good at all. Feet just aren't good enough but does have pace, just not enough to overcome the rest for MLS.

32 Paulo DaSilva - He played withdrawn forward and Fahim moved back to holding mid. The small amount of PT he got here can't be a good sign. He needed to make a splash and didn't. Has some game, but didn't impact this one. Clock is ticking on him I think.

37 Ousianou Sarr - Nothing. A waste of time. Thanks for coming. Good luck in your career.