Monday Morning Gaffer: SMU vs FC Dallas

If a man has talent and can't use it, he's failed. If he uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he uses the whole of it, he has succeeded, and won a satisfaction and triumph few men ever know. - Thomas Wolfe

On Tuesday FCD played the final of three early pre-season scrimmages against college teams at Pizza Hut Park. These three scrimmages were mainly used to build stamina for the starters and evaluate the numerous trialist and draft picks in camp. So rather than give you a break down of every player, I'll concentrate on the trialists that played in the second half of this game. By the way, FCD won the game 4-0 over SMU.

FCD Lineup

I didn't write down a SMU lineup.


9' - 1-0 FCD: Chavez earns a PK, Ferreira converts it.

25' - 2-0 FCD: Ferreira makes a stunning turn in midfield to create space and get behind his marker. Carries 20 yards and then leads Harris with a pass into the gap. Harris wins the race and scores.

61' - 3-0 FCD: Shea heads a corner down toward the back post, Duke Hashimoto gets a flick on it with his own head to deflect it in. Might have gone in anyway.

75' - 4-0 FCD: Short corner played back to Wallace who rips an absolute blast just under the bar. That's about a good a shot as you will see. A MLS keeper might get that... or he might not. Judge for yourself.

Some Notes

- Ruben Luna on the bench wearing #24 again. So is he, or isn't he, signing? Is he part of the squad in every way but technically being on the roster?

- Joe Cooper playing a lot of midfield for SMU, that's interesting.

- Brian Shriver, Ousianou Sarr, and Yu Dabao are officially gone. The first two are probably out of the picture, the later left cause his trial is over. I think Dabao might still be in the mix, although I would call the odds long FCD signs him. They just don't have the luxury of carrying expensive prospects.

- No sign of Paulo DaSilva today. Not sure if that is good or bad. Given his limited PT so far I'll guess bad.

- Zach Loyd (hammy) and Jason Yeisley (knee?) are injured.

- I don't spot Andrew Wiedeman either but as a Generation adidas hr was probably not playing to give trialists time. He's going to be here no matter what.

- Kyle Davis DNP, he's only 80% I'm told.

- Obviously Dax McCarty, Jeff Cunningham, and Heath Pearce are with the US.

El Bueno (The Good)

- Only a couple of trislists helped themselves. Again for me Misho Fahim was one of them. He's the closest to being able to help FCD right now. If I had to put any of these picks or trailists into a real FCD game trying to get a point, he's the one I would go with. Scrappy and tough, he can hold the ball and defend high. He knows the SMU system and what the coach wants, and can create danger by intelligent runs that put the D under pressure. He can also combine and he's willing to kick someone when needed. He was a First Team All-American in 99 at SMU and has been kicking around the pro game in various countries ever since. I do know he's been off since August of last year, so there has to be a ton of rust here as well as fitness issues.

- Duke Hashimoto had a strong game, although I wonder what he's doing playing target striker. He's historically a holding mid. If rosters are expanded this guy might have a shot. He works his tail off, the coach knows what he can do, and he can play multiple spots. He's played wide mid, holding mid, and striker so far this camp.

- Eric Alexander was his same calm composed self. Again without expanded rosters I'm not sure he fits, but I rate him above Aaron Pitchkolan at this same point in their progress. A tall, deep playing holding mid.

- For SMU I really liked #17, he reminded me of Arturo Alvarez except tough. Has that something special that can impact and turn a game. Even in the short time he was on the field I was impressed and wondered why the heck he wasn't playing more. I get home and look him up... Arthur Ivo. Well of course.

- He's not a trialist but Anthony Wallace was terrific again. Has it finally clicked in his head? That would be something.

El Camino Central (Middle of the Road)

- Steve Purdy was again solid. He's the best defender that is a trialist or draft pick. I'm not sure he really should be called a trialist, except that FCD did in their roster release this spring. Ansah being jettisoned improves the chances Purdy sticks around quite a bit.

- I continue to be befuddled by the keeper Sean Kelley. I like what I see but it's such a small sample I can't really get a true read on him. At this point I won't be dissatisfied if he's the 3rd keeper. But I need to make a point to try and watch him more.

No Tan Bueno (Not So Good)

- Edson Edward hasn't done anything to win me over. It's not that he's making mistakes or anything, but to make a team you gotta do something. And he hasn't. The feet just aren't there.

- Dane Saintus' pace makes you salivate, but nothing ever comes of it.

- I have to say this team get's quite pedestrian without McCarty and Cunningham. There is no flow through the middle and two often Hernandez is trying to do to much and his passing goes astray. And if Harris is the next best striker option this team is in trouble.