Top Ten: New CBA Details

Here's what you need to know about the new CBA. It's complicated but I'll try and simplify it for you. It lasts five seasons, 2010 through 2014.

1. The Salary Cap went up to $2.55 Mil. It was $2.315. That means one more $240,000 player per team... or raises for everyone I suppose. I hear some teams vastly overshot the cap bump, so expect some more dumping of players this week.

2. League minimum went up to $40,000. That's up from $34,000. It goes up 5% per year.

3. Guarantees. Anyone over 24 with three years in the league gets an automatically guaranteed deal. Which will lead to some vet cuts. So basically everyone drafted out of college and/or signed early will be guaranteed when they hit 24.

4. No more developmental salary players. No more $13,000 players, everyone has a minimum of $40,000. That's going to eat up some cap on each team, how much depends on the team.

5. Changes to options. They put a limit of two option years on older players, three on younger. Which isn't that much shorter than now.

6. Re-Entry Draft. Also players out of contract by waiver, expiration, or other methods no longer get held by their teams and next year will go into Re-Entry Draft. It's complicated frankly. I call this one the van den Bergh rule.

7. Reserve League may return. There is going to be a league/player committee to look into reforming some kind of reserve league that may include expanding rosters. Not this year apparently.

8. Money stuff. There are now specific win bonuses and exhibition bonuses, and the league bumped things like 401s and insurance. Which matter little to you but a lot to players.

9. Raises. They implemented some auto raises for players who play a certain amount of games. They more you play the more your salary goes up.

10. Group License. It got renewed. That means continued usage of MLS players in video games and commercials.

That's about it.

The MLSPU is going to put the entire document on their site Don Garber says, if you want to go crazy trying to read it.