Ten Notes from The FCD Kickoff Luncheon

Just got back from lunch at the FC Dallas Kickoff Luncheon. The event was a bit smaller and understated this year. My guess is it got planned last minute due to the CBA, like many things. I talked to various people and have some notes to share. I sat between Steve Hunt and Andy Swift so it was a good meal with lots of soccer talk.

1. FCD has found a striker. Schellas Hyndman says to expect an announcement in "a week or so." The bad news is said striker won't be here till July. But very good news that they found one. Hyndman emphasized finding a striker with the right charter to fit the club. He also said the striker is "international."

2. I talked to Bobby Rhine and Steve Jolley about broadcasts. Rhine confirmed 20 plus games on either Fox Southwest or Fox Sports Plus, their overflow channel. Rhine and Jolley are two guys with some very interesting ideas about how a soccer broadcast should be done. Expect to see something quite different in the FCD TV broadcasts. Actually Jolley has strong opinions about almost everything. He's always an interesting chat.

3. FCD is close to getting a Technical Director. Hyndman says it was held up by several things, including the CBA.

4. Daniel Hernandez is your captain for 2010. Dario Sala, Ugo Ihemelu, and Heath Pearce were the other candidates. Hernandez has the perfect mentality IMO to be captain, he's got firm control of the locker room and a presence on and off the field that hasn't been seen in FCD land since Leonel Alverez. Hernadnez cited the movie "Remember the Titans" and the captain in said movie who cuts his own friend as an example of a captain putting team before himself. That's nasty.

5. I chatted with Mark Dodd some, you can probably find him at many FCD games. I'd like to see more FCD alumni with a presence around the team. Ed Puskarich was also in attendance. Watch out for his kid who just made the US U16 National Team Pool. He's playing for Ed in the Dallas Cup next week if you want to see him for yourself.

6. Jason Yeisley and Edson Edward both make the team, for now. Sean Kelley did not, apparently he's down in Austin right now. I believe that means FCD has one open roster spot, unless Lambo still counts. I need to double check that as I don't think he should.

7. All FCD games are being produced in HD this year, but FSW and/or FS Plus isn't in HD everywhere. (Yet?)

8. FCD turned down some trade offers this week, for various reasons on each. One such reason is cap room, FCD has some set up for the striker they are signing and don't want to waste it on some piece that may or may not even upgrade them. Basically FCD is just about tapped out. So if FCD is atop the allocation order this summer it might take some maneuvering to make a move. Part of what Dave van den Bergh wasn't brought back. He was waived today apparently.

9. What a difference a year makes, one reason FCD let Osael Romero go to Chivas in exchange for allocation money was because of Dax McCarty. To get Romero on the field, McCarty would have gone to the bench. Dax is such an important piece of what FCD does and he's playing to well that FCD traded the Romero right for cash instead of completing the signing.

10. FCD did a little round table of World Cup talk and the follow players were picked to chat: Heath Pearce, Jeff Cunningham, Dax McCarty, David Ferreira (are we sensing a trend yet?), and... Marvin Chavez. Which should tell you where Marvin Chavez is in the FCD pecking order right now.