Practice Observations: Regals FC Scrimmage

The Babe is here. Who's coming in second? - Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Today was, I thought, a day FCD would hold a scrimmage against Regals FC. That's sorta what happened, and it's sorta not. You see, the FCD reserves only played the first half of the scrimmage. After that the FCD Juniors took over and played the second half. During the first half of play the FCD starters trained on the next field over, and during the second half the entire FCD squad trained on the next field over. So today was a scrimmage. And it wasn't.


FCD in a 4-4-2 and training kits with numbers on the front. Regals plays a 4-5-1, or a 4-4-2 with a very deep second striker, and wears white tops with blacks shorts (which it sometimes seems like 90% of the team in Texas wears).

FCD lineup

Regals FC Lineup


9' - 1-0 FCD Goal. Chavez on the right wing plays a really simple pass across the box to a wide open Wiedeman who shots back to the near post and scores.

15' - 2-0 FCD Goal. Chavez plays a inlet pass to Wiedeman, who either passes it on or dummies it, not sure which. Ball on across the top of the box to Guarda who finishes.

16' - 3-0 FCD Goal. Ball into Wiedeman with back to goal. He turns, pushes, beats the D, and blasts it into the right side of the net. Keeper got a hand on it but couldn't slow it down. Nice finish.

In the second half I quite watching closely, but the Juniors gave up one goal and added two.

FCD Combined Team wins 5-1.

News, Notes, and Observations

- Andrew Wiedeman, if you can't tell from above, was on fire. He looked great. One of the few times he's gotten a chance to play striker. This is his real position and it showed. Albeit against inferior competition.

- New Trialist Peter Philipakos, central mid type. Played a deeper role today but not really a holding type player. Wants to go at people and create. I don't get much of a read on him in 20 minutes.

- Trialist Jackson is gone.

- Dan Hunt is around and watching training.

- Ruben Luna is playing up top for Juniors along with Bradlee Baladez. Baladez is a guy I've liked before. I hear good things about him and the progression he's made over the last few months. Baladez scored once for sure, and I think he may have even gotten both goals.

- Two other players that caught my attention with a nice moment or two, were Damian Rosales and Moises Hernandez.

(I think, don't quote me on all the Juniors as I'm kinda going with educated guesses and some roster clicking)

- Still no answer on the Ruben Luna name appearing on the Union salary list.

Catching Up with Schellas Hyndman

The trialist Jackson is gone, what can you tell us about his status?

"He's talented and has some nice skill, he likes to get forward. He could be quite a nice player. But is that something we need? When you identify players you like, you have to keep in mind they might not be available when you want them. They can sign with another team, be loaned out to another team or something."

Buzz's coach speak translator: We're not signing him. At least not right now.

How did you think Wiedeman was today?

"I thought he looked good. He did a nice dummy on Bruno [Guarda]’s goal. To be quite honest, he’s never been in the situation where he’s been a striker for us. He’s always been on the right side or the left side. We’ve even played him at fullback. So, it was good to give him the start and see what he did. I thought he helped himself. He’s the perfect example of what we talked about. He needs more games."

Buzz's coach speak translator: Awesome. Where's my damn reserve league!!.

How about Marvin Chavez's performance?

"Yeah, he was active but you also see there’s a point in time where his fitness really starts hurting him. I put down three guys that we need to keep working with on fitness-Milton [Rodriguez], [Marvin] Chavez and [Bryan] Leyva. All three of them are fresh but the fitness level drops too quick. We need to continue to work with them, which we are."

Buzz's coach speak translator: Milton, Chavez, and Leyva aren't match fit.

What can you tell us about the new trialist, Peter Philipakos?

"This is the first time he’s trained. He trained a little bit with us yesterday. Again, guys can look good in practice but you never know what they’re going up against as far as effort. Today, we put him in his favorite position, center midfield, so he got a lot of touches. He’s got good vision. He’s not able to connect point A to point B yet. Defensively, we just need a little bit more. His whole thing is he’s trying for a roster spot. So, when it comes down to try for a roster spot, since we’ve got a full roster that means we have to give something up. That means that person has got to be better than what we have. Right now, I don’t think he’s done that but he’s got a couple more days for training."

Buzz's coach speak translator: So far, no thanks. But there's still time.


During the scrimmage, the starters were doing some small space, short side games. Nothing new there.

During the second half with the complete squad the team was split in half. Hyndman worked Ugo, John, and Hernandez against the starting front 4: Cunningham, Harris, Ferreira, and Shea; plus 2 outside backs in Benitez and Pearce. Looked like the drill was on penetrating passes and attacking rotations.

Ellinger took the rest of the squad and did the same drill against a defense of Davis, Alexander, and Guarda. The rest of the squad all took turns as "offense" in Ellinger's drill.

Lineup Prediction

The transfer window opens after a couple more games. So by far the most interesting question is who starts up top when that happens. Is Rodriguez going to be ready? Do you bring a guy like this into your squad and not start him?


Need Answers.

Stay tuned.

Thought of the Day

All these trialists tell me there is still a level of dissatisfaction with Schellas Hyndman and his team. There are some pieces he seems to think he's missing.

Maybe a top right back, as his choices are a lefty and a kid.

Maybe a more pure right mid, since Harris might have to play some striker.

What else is missing?