FC Dallas keepers named 3rd best pair in MLS

Soccer America is back with their positional rankings, starting with goalkeepers. The soccer specific mag has named FCD the 3rd best keepers in MLS.

3. FC DALLAS (Kevin Hartman, Dario Sala). Preseason: 10. Hartman has allowed only 11 goals in 15 games (0.73 average) and of those 15, FCD has lost just once. Sala has years of experience as a starter.

That's up from a ranking a ranking of 10 to start the season.

10. FC DALLAS (Kevin Hartman, Dario Sala). Hartman is the better of two solid keepers but only one can play; will competition help or hinder FCD?

To be fair I don't think anyone expected the season Kevin Hartman is having, except maybe Kevin Hartman. He is a confident guy. Has competition made Hartman and Sala better? Hard to say, but you sure can't argue with the results.

Where do you think FCD's keepers should be on the list? Since the ranking is about pairs of keepers it's an interesting question. Sala (who would start for a lot of teams in MLS) is certainly better than the two backups above him, but as good as Hartman is it's hard to put him above Ricketts and Rimando right now.