2010 FC Dallas player salaries update

Earlier this year, as they do every year, the MLS Players Union released the 2010 salaries for all their players. It's how we first learned Ruben Luna was signed with FC Dallas, although it took them a month more to get the paperwork and citizenship situation cleared up. Now the players union has updated their salary list post summer transfer window. So here are the updated salaries for the new players.

The youth players are right where I expected them to be.

Milton Rodriguez is however a steal at that price. I would have expected a player with his resume to cost twice that much. Which raises the question, is that a half season number? I'll have to see what I can find out about that.

Jackson is in the same boat. His number isn't to far off what I would expect, but something near Ihemelu's numbers wouldn't have surprised me either. It will be interesting next season to see where their numbers are.

And here is the original list we published months ago. Source: http://www.mlsplayers.org/salary_info.html

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