MEMO to Thierry Henry


TO: Thierry Henry, New York Red Bulls

FROM: DJ Walker, 3rd Degree

SUBJECT: Really?

Dear Thierry,

Really man? Really? Kicking Kevin Hartman? Did you really need to do your little celebration thingy that bad? You couldn't have at least used your hands? (Yeah, that's right, I went there. I went right there. The Irish never forget).

Seriously though, I hope that $2,000.00 fine isn't going to make you short until payday or anything. Are you going to be okay? I know the Galaxy keep some petty cash on hand for Dema Kovalenko – maybe they'll front you for a few weeks.

You know, we're not all highly paid Designated Players,mon frère. Kevin's got mouths to feed, and he ain't made of francs, catch my drift? So maybe you can send the two thou straight to his house, instead of to Mr. Garber's office. And

maybe pick up the mortgage payment for a month or three. That would be a good way to make amends, N'est-ce pas?

Make it happen.

Oh, and do you have any idea how lucky you are it was Kevin Hartman you injured, not Darío Sala? Kevin Hartman is a kind, forgiving soul. That's why we love him so much here in Dallas (okay, that and the .58 GAA). But, had you kicked Sr. Sala like that . . . heck, had you sheared his leg off at the thigh, he would have gotten up off the ground, found you, hobbled you down, and administered unto you the worst asswhuppin' any Frenchman has seen since the fall of Dien Bien Phu.

So no more funny stuff, Monsieur. As they say in Marseille, Un mot à la sage suffit.

Your buddy,