FC Dallas news recap (10/5)

The Jeff Cunningham hype, as I mentioned last week, is starting to heat up.

ESPN LA's soccer blog Football, Futbol, soccer (it's like 3rd Degree is for ESPN Dallas) has some stuff on Moreno and Cunningham. They mention something Dallas media has been dealing with all year, Cunningham has been refusing to talk to any media until he breaks the record. He basically hasn't done an interview this year.

All Headline News has something on Cunningham, an example of non-soccer and sports sites picking up the Cunningham story.

Martin Shatzer in DC seems almost offended that Cunningham is going to pass Moreno as he goes out of their way to prove Moreno is better, mainly by playing up playoff goals and trophies, both of which could be more about franchises than individual players. Shatzer seems to have left out the bit about Moreno having 43 PKs in his career to Cunningham's 19. Take those PKs out and Cunningham dominates the goal charts. Or how about Cunningham's record 39 game winning goals to Moreno's 26. Just saying there are a lot of ways to look at a thing.

Steve Davis talks Cunningham and throws in some playoff position goodies in his weekly five things we learned piece.

SB Nation with a short blip on Cunningham's goal.

The MLS "Is Jeff Cunningham the best ever" poll is still running. I'll help them out here... No, he's not.

Non-Cunningham Stuff

How about the official FCD training report from yesterday. Here's this week's training schedule if you want to go support the team a little extra.

Andy Friedlander talks about basic plays helping FCD win, specifically the give and go. A.K.A simple combination play.

Marvin Chavez and David Ferreira make the Goal.com Best XI.

Steve Davis is doing some awards tracking, he now has Ferreira 2nd in MVP, Hartman 2nd for goalie of the year, and Hyndman 1st for coach of the year. Zach Loyd gets a mention for possible ROY votes as does Daniel Hernandez for defender. I would add that while he's not a Dallas guy but Michael Stephens could use some Rookie of the Year love with his 8 assists in 19 starts.

Ives Galarcep throws Milton Rodriguez's name into the hat for Newcomer of the Year.

Steve Hunt, now with the Dallas Morning News as well, points out only two players are left from last playoff team under Steve Morrow.

The ESPN Chicago take on the Fire losing the Brimstone Cup.

Various Power Rankings

MLS (FCD 2nd)

Goal.com (FCD 1st)

ESPN (FCD 1st)

Non-FCD material worth reading...

Tobias Lopez talks about the college game still being useful for developing players. I agree, the college game won't be dead for a while.

Steve Davis chastised Dwayne De Rosario at the end of last week. He's got some great quotes from the always loquacious Garth Lagerwey.

An interesting bit from Nick LeGrand about the first time press box experience.

Did Scotland miss out on Stuart Holden due to "snobbery?"


Schellas Hyndman's post game locker room speech.

And one I missed last week, when Bobby Rhine gave a short speech to the current team about the importance and history of the Brimstone Cup.