And then there were three

Four little Indians going out to sea;

A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

It was recently pointed out by Brek Shea to a colleague of mine, who then shared it with me, that only three players remain on the FC Dallas squad from the 2008 season: Brek Shea, Josh Lambo and Eric Avila.

All three are from the 2008 SuperDraft, the last one conducted by Steve Morrow, that must at this point be graded a success. But that's a side point.

The greater point is the roster clearing that Schellas Hyndman has undertaken since he got here. This current FCD squad is now clearly his team. Of the three remaining players, only Shea is a starter. Avila may have a shot to win a starting spot this year but most likley will continue his roll off the bench. Lambo is still in project mode looking for playing time to improve his skill set.

If FCD carries a 30 man roster this season, 27 of the 30 players will have been drafted, signed, or traded for by Hyndman.

Jeff Cunningham (brought in my Hyndman in 2008) and Dario Sala were the last two holdovers from 2008 to depart when they were let go this winter.