Schellas Hyndman using a sports psychologist hardly news for FCD

There’s a story out there that FC Dallas had brought in a sports psychologist to talk to the team this week. Well, that’s not entirely accurate for several reasons. One, Bill Beswick, the sports psychologist, who was mentioned, is a longtime friend of FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman and he was already going to be in town this week because he was among the panel of speakers for Hyndman’s 10th annual coaching clinic, which was taking place Friday and Saturday at FC Dallas Stadium.

Then there is also the issue of this not being the first time Hyndman has brought in Beswick to address the troops. It’s happened at least two other times during his tenure if not more, so considering the background and the previous relationship the gaffer has with Beswick, this is hardly a blip on the radar.

By no means is this a sign that Hyndman has pushed the panic button. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s somewhat standard operating procedure since he’s been head coach, no matter how it was reported elsewhere.