Five reasons why Jason Kreis should be the next US men's coach

US Soccer dropped Bob Bradley today as it's coach of the national team. I for one think it's time for a change and Jason Kreis should be the guy.

I've know Kreis a long time because of covering FCD. He's been planning to be a coach for years. He started studying and planning way back in his 20s to be a pro coach. He learned a lot about what it takes to be a pro and what it takes to win from Leonel Alvarez and Oscar Pareja.

So here's five reasons for the US to tap Kreis...

1. He wins. The guy is already a proven winner. He turned RSL, with some help I'm sure, into a winner fairly quickly. He was the youngest coach to ever win MLS Cup and he took the first ever MLS team to the CONCACAF Champions League final. Winning is the bottom line is it not? It's the reason our team competes, it's what we are after.

2. RSL plays a modern, flexible system. They have a deep squad with some interchangeable parts. Given the limitation of MLS Kreis still has a good set of depth and pieces he can move. RSL has show the ability to adapt, staying toward the top of the standings despite losing their best player.

3. Kreis has proven he can win in a non-league cup type competition. Winning on the road in foreign/hostile countries isn't easy to do. Sometimes it takes a tough tie-on-the-road and survive mentality. This is exactly like playing in World Cup Qualifying. Group play followed by knockout play is just like a World Cup. He already knows what it takes in these environments and he did it while playing a regular season schedule.

4. Kreis has shown a willingness and ability to look and find talent outside of the normal channels. Small schools, community colleges, non-US youth national teams, and some lesser know foreign locations. Point being that be may be willing to explore some of the untapped sections of our country to look for some top tier talent. Perhaps he may look outside the same old same old youth nats and maybe find some diamonds.

5. Lastly I'd like to see Kreis get the nod because he's not part of the Bruce Arena clan. No offense to Arena or his fellow coaches all of who appear to be excellent coaches, but it's been darn near 15 years with the same people running the US National team in essence. It's time for some fresh blood and some fresh ideas. Its time for someone not raised on Bruce Arena's method to run things. Sometimes change for change sake is good, and Kreis is a good change that would serve the US well.

So that's why I hope Jason Kreis gets the nod.