FC Dallas places Bobby Warshaw on injured reserve

FC Dallas midfielder Bobby Warshaw will have surgery Friday to repair a fracture in his right foot, FC Dallas announced today. FC Dallas has placed Warshaw on injured reserve while he recovers from the fracture.

In MLS, placing a player on Injured Reserve usually means the player is done for the year and FC Dallas is granted a roster spot, but not cap relief, to try and replace the player. If Warshaw is instead only on the disabled list, he can be replaced, then be recalled at a later time as long as said player sits out 6 games. I have yet to receive clarification from FCD about which kind of IR Warshaw is on.

Edit: I received confirmation from FC Dallas that Warshaw is on the 6 game short term IR. So he can be replaced, salary budget permitting, for 6 games and then return.

According to FCD, Dr. John Early will perform the procedure to repair a fracture of the fifth metatarsal in Warshaw’s right foot. The second-year midfielder injured the foot during Tuesday’s Reserve game at Sporting Kansas City.

When Warshaw was asked to elaborate on his injury he declined. However, the affable Pennsylvania native did say that was his first injury in some 15 years and that he didn’t expect to be out long.