Quote sheet: FC Dallas at LA Galaxy


On the performance:

“We withstood a lot of pressure. I’m really proud of the guys. They played as hard as they have, this is our third game in seven days and you couldn’t tell that we had just played on Wednesday night.”

On building consistency:

“This is our ninth game and we’ve had nine different lineups. We’ve yet to get any consistency, because people are getting call-ups or injuries or suspensions from the disciplinary committee, so for us to come out tonight and fight as long as we did against a very good team … I’m not worried about us.”

On how even the game was:

“We played a very good team tonight. I think if you look at everything from the stats we’re very similar all the way across. Both teams had great scoring chances. I think what we take away from this is, if you’re a fan watching it on TV you’ve got to love this type of soccer from both teams.”

On the Galaxy offense and the tying goal:

“I can’t think of a team in the league that you would want to be one goal up on at their home (less) than the Galaxy. Because they have so many weapons, they serve the ball so well, they’re very physical in the box, they’ve got a lot of firepower. That goal they got at the end was probably one of their weaker chances.”

On getting the first road point:

“Your whole mentality is to get points. For us we were talking about, we have yet to win on the road and we have yet to get a point on the road. We were two minutes away from getting that first win, but I’m proud that we come away with not only a point but, I think, one of our better performances to date.”


On FC Dallas’ first road point:

“Obviously we’ve had a nasty bit of luck as of late on the road so to get out of LA with a draw is not a bad thing. At the same time, we put ourselves in a great situation to win and I think the team defense for the majority of that game was outstanding. The guys put a lot of heart into what we were doing and the game plan.”

On the Galaxy’s late pressure and the tying goal:

“I don’t know how many guys they had forward at the end, but they definitely didn’t make it easy. They had great services coming into the box and they had big guys in there trying to win first and second balls. For a good 10-15 minutes we won the majority of the second balls, one squirted out and a guy was in the right place at the right time. It’s unlucky; we put in a heck of an effort.”

On Robbie Keane’s penalty kick:

“It’s one of those things where you just try to stay big. I thought he was going one way and he ended up going the other. I don’t know what he saw, but when you go to a side you just try to stay as big as possible and those things happen, so we were a bit fortunate with that.”


Overall thoughts on the Galaxy:

“They spread us out well, they kept the ball well. They were hitting long balls into their forwards and they have big forwards that like to fight. I think our center backs and defenders did well, just unlucky.”

On getting the road point:

“Obviously we’re excited for the point, but it also sucks because I think we should’ve had three. I guess we’ve got to start somewhere. As much as it sucks, we have to look at it as a positive because it is our first point on the road.”


On the team’s performance:

“It’s a long season, a lot of games, if you can play like that for a whole season you’re going to gain a lot of points. Maybe this time you gain one point, but if you can do that consistently, you’ll be getting three points a lot.”

On playing with the lead:

“We have a lot of great attacking players and we can’t try to be something we’re not. We need to come out and attack. We want the ball, we’ve got guys that can beat guys and if we come and sit back we’re not using them.”

On playing three games in seven days:

“Three tough games, going into Vancouver, flying home two days later playing Salt Lake, then flying out the next morning to play LA. We got two points out of the week, but it was good performances, those were very good teams. Everyone’s going to be up there at the end of the season, so it’s something we’re going to have to draw on later on in the season when we have that third game in a week again.”


On Landon Donovan not taking the PK:

“I don’t know the detailed discussion Robbie (Keane) and Landon (Donovan) had. Robbie wanted to take the kick and Landon said ‘fine’. Now I’ll be honest with you, if any team has the choice between Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan or (David) Beckham taking penalty kicks, you’re real happy. The easiest thing to do in the aftermath is be critical and say ‘missed a kick.’ There aren’t any better players in the world to take penalties than Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan. We missed it tonight.”

Overall thoughts on the game:

“Both teams played real hard and getting a goal in extra time (we) can’t be complaining about the point (gained). It’s that simple. We missed the penalty. We had some good chances during the game. There weren’t a whole lot of chances in the game by the teams. But we had enough to get ourselves two or three goals and didn’t, so we put ourselves in that position. It was a great finish opposite by Pat to get us the point.”

On David Junior Lopes:

“I thought he made a couple of mistakes, that’s obvious. He’s aware of that. We have to try to grow with the player. Give him more experience with our team and hopefully eliminate those mistakes. He’s a good defender, you just have to cut down a few mental errors and he can be a very capable center back. I don’t know if you can call it concentration—mistakes. It is very easy for all of us. We’re the experts when we’re sitting on the bench or the press box or whatever. It is not as easy as it looks out there. I don’t think it is concentration, but there were certainly some mental lapses.”


On Robbie Keane’s penalty:

“He did everything right he just miss hit it a little bit. The guy has taken many penalties and has made many penalties. I am sure the next time he takes one it will go in. It’s been a while since those guys have hit the net and we are trying to get them more chances we are not doing a good enough job getting them chances in front of the goal so I thought I would help a little bit.”

On his missed opportunities:

“The first one got a way from me a little bit. I was a little bit in between steps but I should have done better. The second one I just kind of reacted and (Chris) Seitz made a good save. It was sort of one of those nights that we need one of those to fall our way if we were going to win this game but still a great effort to get something out of it.”

On Bill Gaudette’s performance:

“It was great. It was seamless. We are all thinking about Josh (Saunders) and making sure that everything is going okay with him. For coming in on short notice I thought he was great. We probably should’ve had a shutout tonight.”


On the game-tying goal:

The ball was up in the air and landed at Chad’s feet and he did a nice job of pulling the ball up and he laid it off perfectly for me. I just tried to put it on net. I’m looking at him, I don’t think he was looking at me, but he heard me— that’s what he said. He laid it off perfectly.

On the Galaxy creating scoring chances:

“We are creating chances that is the positive if we weren’t then we would be worried about that but we are creating chances and sooner or later they are going to go in and when they go the flood gates are going to open.”


On getting the start tonight:

“Every player in this locker room wants to be on the field, that is what we are all here for and that is what we work hard for everyday. My number was called and I was excited obviously I would have been more excited if we would have gotten the three points.”

On tonight’s game:

“I felt like we created the better chances, but things didn’t fall (our) way. That’s part of the game. Some days they are going to fall your way some days they won’t. But luckily Pat (Noonan) was able to come in and provide a huge boost for us in that tie. Sometimes a tie is a good thing. We are not happy. We are not satisfied. Obviously we are home and we want three points but at the end of the day it is a hard fought tie. Dallas came in did their job sat back counter attacked us hard and that is what teams are going to do here at home. They are not going to come out and push numbers forward they are going to wait for us to kind of get stretched out and create chances like that. At the end of the day we are happy that we came out with a point but we are not satisfied with the result.”


On tonight’s game:

“I think it’s a good point at the end of the day because we both had luck at times but we also had a lot of chances throughout the game. I think we had more chance in the first half than the second half. Our overall play wasn’t as sharp as it has been in the last few weeks but we definitely deserved the point, so we’ll take it. Dallas came here and have had a couple of hard games recently and they came here, worked hard and made it hard for us and good pace on the break. It’s up to us to come back but we are happy with the point.”

On the missed penalty kick:

“Landon (Donovan) is obviously a penalty taker. Robbie [Keane] is a penalty taker. So between them two they decided. It is just one of those things; you’re brave enough to step up for a penalty kick. Sometimes you score, sometimes you miss, but I have always thought anyone who steps up is a brave person.”

On LA’s goal in stoppage time:

“I think it shows the character of the team, getting it back late. Sometimes you have to fight all the way to the end of the game, the final whistle. If you do that, there is always a chance you will get a goal. We felt we should have had a couple goals in the first half. We had some really good chances in the six yard box. We might have been fortunate to get the draw but we also could have won the game. I think you’re always proud as a player of a team that comes back from a goal down or comes back to win a game or draw a game. We’ve done well to come back from this tonight.”

On Bill Gaudette’s performance:

“It is great for Bill (Gaudette) to come in. He’s done a great job and to fill Josh’s [Saunders] boots after last week is difficult but he came in and had a strong performance. He kept a few good shots out and also he’s very commanding in coming for the ball. It was a good night for him.”