FC Dallas ties second highest point total in franchise history.

The end of the regular season has been a painful one for FCD fans and it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. There's not a ton of confidence about this team as it heads into the playoffs. But if we look back at the entire season we have to conclude this is one of the better teams FCD has ever fielded.

With 52 points on the season Dallas has tied for the second highest point total in their franchise history with the 2006 team under Colin Clarke. (It still boggles the mind Clarke was fired after that season.) Now grated FCD played two more games this year than in 2006, but it was still an excellent season.

By the way, the FCD record for points in a season is 57 back in 1999 under Dave Dir. 1999 is still the best team and season in FCD history for my money, despite last year's MLS Cup run.

Since the amount of games changes per season, we at 3rd Degree always look at points per game as more relevant than total points. This years 52 points in 34 games is a 1.53 PPG average, that ranks 4th all time for FCD, a very good point average. Last years 50 points in 30 games is a 1.67 average, ranking 2nd only behind 1999's 1.78 PPG.

The worst season in FCD history? Why 2003 of course, the season of the Southlake debacle. The one in which Mike Jeffries was canned mid-season. (Moving to Southlake is possibly the worst decision in FCD history, although the Denilson signing might be worse. Thank goodness Steve Morrow insisted on a 1 year deal only for him.)