Gabbing with the gaffer - talking trialists and such

I caught up with FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman a couple days ago from Florida and discussed a wide array of subjects. Here are his thoughts on several trialists.

Ivory Coast Forward Dogba

Hyndman: We did not keep him. We sent him back.

Mexican Forward Juan Carlos Enriquez

Hyndman: He comes out of Santos Laguna where he played last year. I think he’s 20 or 21. He’s got some very good technical ability. He reads the game very well. I think again, the speed of play, the intensity, those types of things he has to adjust to and being on trial, there’s not a lot of time to adjust to these things.

Houston native and defender Christian Ibeagha

Hyndman: Christian is a solid player. He’s athletic. He reads the game pretty well, strong. We’re just a little concerned and continue to work on his distribution. As a center back, you can’t be under hitting a pass in the midfield or missing a target player. Those are some of the things the more we’re working with him, the more we gear towards possession exercises and put him into game-like situations the better he’ll be at that.

Supplemental pick Alex Lee

Hyndman: We like him. He played for a very good university, so he’s got strong fundamentals, two-way player. He reminds me a lot of Zach Loyd. There’s some similarities there. We just need to see more and more of him.

French Midfielder Geoffrey Tulasne

Hyndman: I’m not real sure how you pronounce it. I just call him Geoffrey, by his first name. But nice resume, played at a high level in France. Probably a little bit of a detour in his career, which kind of makes him available for us so we’re looking at him. Left midfielder, right midfielder, second striker, much more of a strike force. We looked at him yesterday and we’ll look at him again for 45 minutes tomorrow [Thursday].