A few notes, links, and other bits

Soccer America, continuing their positional rankings, has FCD's back four at #4 in the league.

4. FC DALLAS. Ugo Ihemelu and George John are primed to emerge as one of the league’s best central tandems, though the Brek Shea Experiment is an interesting study. Jackson has big shoes to fill, those of Heath Pearce, at right back. Jair Benitez on the left is money.

Soccer America has the FCD midfield at #4 also.

4. FC DALLAS. The loss of Dax McCarty is a huge hole to fill, but Coach Schellas Hyndman has Eric Alexander and other options. David Ferreira is the top No. 10 in MLS, Marvin Chavez is an emerging star on the right flank, and if Brek Shea lines up on the left he’ll contribute his height and hunger to score. Daniel Hernandez is still spry at 35 (in July).

A couple of ex-FCD strikers are floating around MLS. Here's a Q&A with Jeff Cunningham in Columbus. Carlos Ruiz is now in Philly. Last, but not least, Kenny Cooper is in Portland and looking to get back to his FCD form.

Following up the Jair Benitez suspension, Jeff Cameron has a comment in the Houston Chronicle.

I don’t really have much to say. Glad the MLS decided to take action on him. Nothing happened to me. Just happy they took responsibility, and now we can all move on.

Brian Ching declined to comment.

The Dallas Business Journal is still tracking the FCD jersey thing. Not much new in their blurb, but it's nice to see a publication like the DBJ paying attention to MLS.

"Main stream" media getting ready for the start of the season. WFAA has a feature on FCD you can watch here.

MLS is climbing onto the Ruben Luna bandwagon. It's starting to get crowded, thankfully I got my seat early.

F Ruben Luna, FC Dallas (pictured above)

FC Dallas currently top MLS with six Home Grown signings. And while three or four of them might be able to sneak some minutes this year, one of the strongest candidates to put together a solid campaign is Luna, a 19-year-old forward from Mexico. His six goals in preseason give him a chance at seeing some playing time when the season begins against Chicago on Saturday.

Dax McCarty has been named captain for DC United.

Francisco "Panchito" Mendoza apparently saw executions while playing in Juarez, Mexico. As you can imagine, he's happy to be back in MLS.

I really saw bad things. I saw executions. But I never got scared. I think when I got there, I knew what I was getting into. I tried to think about the positive side of things: how nice people treated me there, and it's one of the cities that has treated me the best. But to tell you the truth, I saw a lot of stuff. But that's something you don't want to mess with, because the last thing you want is trouble.

What's going in Toronto with Dwayne De Rosario reminds me of what some FCD players were saying during the Micheal Hitchock era.

Ever wonder what happened to Denilson?

DENILSON (FC Dallas). The Brazilian broke a world record when he commanded a transfer fee of $32 million in 1998, but by the time he debuted with Dallas in September 2007 his career was on a downward slide. He lasted only 11 games before Dallas decided not to pick up his option. He spent the 2008 season on the bench at Palmeiras in Brazil before moving on to Vietnam, where he lasted three weeks, and Greece, where was released by Kavala after having failed to make an appearance in three months.