Maykel Galindo and Charlie Campbell let go by FCD

As I wrote a few days ago, the odds were starting to get a little long for Charlie Campbell and with Maykel Galindo not lighting it up in camp the Fabian Castillo signing was going to be trouble for him.

And so it goes, as FCD today parted with both Campbell and Galindo, the team announced via twitter. While unannounced, trialists Kevin Gall and Cristian Arrieta both did not return to Dallas with the team.

While FCD has not finalized their roster and won't till next week, it's starting to look like Scott Gordon may grab that last roster spot.

Thus here's the roster dance as it sits today.

Last updated: 3/10/11

Senior Roster (18 to 20)

MLS rosters are expanding to 30. Players 1 to 20 are on the senior roster and have to fit in the salary cap. (MLS teams may carry only 18 players on this senior roster if they wish)

FCD has 8 international slots in 2010 with 6 currently filled.

Players occupying roster spots 1-24 will earn at least $42,000 in 2011.

Off-Budget Roster (10)

Roster Spots 21 to 30. Generation adidas, developmental players, and home grown. Players 24 and under that don’t count on the salary cap. MLS teams can have a maximum of 10 off-budget players.

Players occupying roster spots 21-30 will earn at least $32,600 in 2011.

Other Players

Anyone connected, rumored, tried out, waived, training invited, or signed as a short term player.