The Report Card: FC Dallas v New England Revolution

First Touch: In a move made of necessity, Hyndman rolls out a new formation and hopes it works

Second Touch: Mostly a snoozer of a match that got interesting in the last ten minutes as a Villar-less FCD decided it wanted to win

The Finish: A team low on morale, midfielders and time, in a new formation, overcame all of that via the big hearts of several players who just kept on fighting and literally grabbed the three points from Matt Reis.


Hartman: 8 - Made five saves, and made all five look rather easy

Pertuz: 7 - The kid is a burglar. Faired well despite playing out of position, continues to impress

John: 7 - A solid night, but his passing going forward needs some resharpening

Ugo: 8 - Recovered from last week's poor outing by dominating in the air and fighting through cramps. With a great header he captain'd his side to the win

Loyd: 8 - Not enough can be said about this kid's level of fitness. Also playing out of position on the left, Zack was not only solid defending and going forward, his perfectly floated free kick into the box was big time. But it was the display of effort late first half, when he made a 40 yard sprint to help attack, only to have to make a 50 yard super sprint to recover and steal the ball that makes a coach's heart flutter. Oh, then he immediately made another 40 yard sprint to get back into Dallas' counter.

Rodriguez: 5 - A quiet night, helped Pertuz a lot but also never really got into the attack as hoped

Shea: 6 - I don't know how he's pulling 90's. He was not to "Brek" standards for most of the match, but late had a few moments where he turned it on, displayed that next level and almost single handedly took over. Shellas has to find a way to get him a break, but injuries will likely prevent that

Jacobson: 4 - The lone holding mid spot is demanding and lonely. It wasn't a bad night for AJ, but a more aggressive opponent might prove to be more than he can handle alone

Villar: 4 - Very little play through the middle and his instruction to stay high left him with far too few touches on the ball. When he did have it, still turned it over too much. But the irony is that Dallas will hold its collective breath over the ankle injury as Dallas is better with him than without. Which is more of a statement about the roster than Ricardo.

Castillo: 6 - Hard to grade as the kid impacted the match so many times, but very little to show from it. He's like a 14 year old girl driving a Porsche Turbo. So much speed and potential, but rarely uses any of it correctly, or to successful result. We know he can get into the box with the ball, now what can he do with it? But watching him hit the pedal and cut at full speed is an amazing site to see

Perez: 7 - His single blown shot is worrisome only because there was only one shot. But that belies the amount of hard work and ground he covered in 90 minutes. Not to mention the foul he created that set up the free kick. To be fair to Blas, he has been very impressive in his attitude and play for FCD - does not at all play like his journeyman's resume hints.


Warshaw: 6 - Dutiful and that's what Hyndman needs right now

Hedges: 7 - 15 solid minutes with almost a goal, and some confident defending and passing